Oh Yay, Deadpool & Wolverine Will Have A Bunch Of Annoying Jokes About Marvel’s Kevin Feige

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Deadpool & wolverine

As Deadpool officially joins the MCU, Ryan Reynolds is preparing to shake things up as much as possible. In addition to being the first R-rated MCU movie and a timeline-hopping film that will re-introduce characters from movies made decades ago, Deadpool & Wolverine is gearing up to deliver a barrage of meta-jokes targeting none other than Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios. Karan Soni, known for his role as Dopinder in the Deadpool series, teased the film’s unique approach during a conversation at the SXSW festival.

Soni Spills The Tea

deadpool & wolverine

Scheduled for release this summer, Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in a much-anticipated collaboration. Soni, who will reprise his role as Dopinder, the taxi driver and Deadpool’s sidekick from the previous two movies, hinted at the film’s bold comedic direction, particularly its willingness to take aim at Feige.

Soni shared insights into the film’s production and its integration into the MCU. He emphasized how the movie would capitalize on its newfound place within the Marvel universe, allowing Reynolds to play with the established characters and dynamics. He also mentioned how Reynolds is taking the opportunity to poke fun at the man who started it all (in the MCU, anyway) and stated “There’s a lot of Kevin jokes [in Deadpool & Wolverine].”

Deadpool Could Be Exactly What Marvel Needs

deadpool & wolverine

Soni also highlighted the significance of Deadpool’s arrival in the MCU, suggesting it’s an opportune moment for a shake-up in the superhero franchise. A dose of irreverence and unpredictability from Deadpool & Wolverine may be exactly what the MCU needs to re-ignite some passion into the established superhero franchise. 

This Isn’t Your Grandaddy’s Marvel

Michelle Pfeiffer Yellowstone

With recent MCU films receiving mixed receptions at the box office, including underperformances from The Marvels and Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania, the introduction of Deadpool to the MCU in Deadpool & Wolverine brings a refreshing change of pace. As the MCU continues to expand, fans have witnessed a variety of storytelling styles and genres, but none quite like Deadpool’s signature blend of meta-comedy and outrageous action.

Ryan Reynolds‘ portrayal of the “merc with a mouth” offers a departure from the traditional superhero archetype, allowing for a playful deconstruction of superhero tropes while still honoring the core elements of the genre. 

Feige Meets The Cast

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To welcome the Deadpool family to the MCU, Feige met with the actors of the previous films. Reflecting on his experience meeting Feige, Soni admitted to being starstruck by the industry giant. He praised the collaboration between Kevin Feige and Ryan Reynolds as they came up with the creative direction for Deadpool & Wolverine, describing it as a meeting of influential minds with the potential to reshape the industry landscape.

Feige’s Got A Sense Of Humor

Soni revealed that Feige was enthusiastic about Deadpool & Wolverine and embraced the opportunity to integrate Wade Wilson into the MCU fold, in spite of how many jokes will be made at Feige’s expense. Soni commended Feige’s sense of humor, noting his willingness to engage with Reynolds’ playful jabs.

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