The Netflix Massive Hit That Could Save Fan-Favorite Series

By Matthew Flynn | Published

Legacy and martial arts enthusiasts can rejoice as Warrior, a martial arts drama, finds a fresh lease of life on Netflix. This once-underrated show was initially canceled by Max but now has the chance to shine on a larger platform, increasing its potential viewership drastically.

What Is Warrior About?

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The saga of Warrior, Netflix’s latest hit, is set in the tumultuous times of the 1870s in San Francisco, during the Tong Wars. It follows the journey of a martial arts prodigy Ah Sahm, portrayed by Andrew Koji. Traveling from China to the US, Ah Sahm is in search of his sister, only to end up working for one of the significant Tongs, which were essentially gangs formed by Chinese immigrants. Through Warrior, viewers get an exclusive peek into the tension, intrigue, and machinations typical of this violent era.

Though the show compares to iconic series like Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones in terms of inter-gang dynamics and scheming, the distinguishing factor profoundly lies in its mesmerizing martial arts sequences, rooted deeply in its cultural essence. On Netflix, Warrior seems to be finding the right audience.

Bruce Lee’s Involvement

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However, what truly sets Warrior apart is its connection to martial arts legend Bruce Lee. The show’s conception goes back to an original idea pitched by Bruce Lee himself in the early ’70s about a Chinese immigrant’s struggle in achieving the American dream.

This idea was initially ignored by Warner Bros. and Paramount. Many speculate that it was remodeled into another show, Kung Fu, although Warner Bros. dismisses these claims. The true revival of Warrior happened when Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, discovered her father’s writings in 2000, leading to the creation of the series and, ultimately, the Warrior resurrection on Netflix.

Netflix Gives Warrior Another Chance

Despite the creative liberties taken for dramatic effect, Warrior manages to portray the brutal reality of the Tong Wars of 1870s America, including societal issues of immigrant acceptance and political corruption.

However, despite its rich narrative and action-packed sequences, Warrior initially struggled to gain the audience it deserved. It was put on the proverbial “maybe someday” list, and despite its strengths, Max couldn’t capitalize on its potential.

Netflix Users Can See What All The Rage Is

Yet, with Warrior now on Netflix, its future looks promising. Netflix’s subscriber base of over 260 million people worldwide provides an excellent platform for increasing Warrior’s viewership by a substantial 150 percent. With Netflix’s expertise in marketing, the show stands a fair chance of reaching a wider audience.

This move could prove beneficial for Warrior, conceived by Bruce Lee with production involvement from his daughter, including its high critical acclaim and overall Rotten Tomatoes score of 93 percent. Warrior seems to have found its rightful home on Netflix, and if it gains the traction as expected, there is potential for further seasons.

Check It Out For Yourself On Netflix

In essence, Warrior, with its intricate plot, Bruce Lee connection, unique martial arts sequences, and historical glimpses, is perfectly positioned to be your next binge-worthy show on Netflix.

Warrior on Netflix is proving to be a hit which could bode well for the future of the once-canceled show and possibilities of future new seasons.