RoboCop Vs Predator Now Available For Free

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Robocop vs Predator

Recently, RoboCop: Rogue City has been reminding fans of just how cool it is to take control of everyone’s favorite top cop turned bot cop as he cleans up the streets. Of course, this made fans nostalgic for some of the vintage Dark Horse comics that would put RoboCop against some particularly over-the-top enemies, including the Terminator. RoboCop Versus The Terminator was such a cool idea that it spawned its own video game, and here’s great news for fans of the franchise: even though we never got the planned RoboCop vs. Predator comic series, this concept is now a fan-made video game you can play for free. 

RoboCop vs. Predator was created by game developer Oscar Celestini, and you can download the game from its official website. The gameplay involves sidescrolling action, and players will quickly discover that the nostalgia factor is cranked to “11.” That’s because this creative game takes many of its gameplay and design cues from the Game Boy version of the classic action title RoboCop Versus The Terminator. 

Robocop vs Predator gameplaye

If you want to really maximize your nostalgia, the game offers different screen filters for you to choose from. While the colors vary slightly, one thing that all of these video filters have in common is that they make it appear as if you are playing on an old-school CRT television set. That means that you can give RoboCop vs Predator the scanlines from your childhood, and take it from a retrogamer: the scanlines help instantly transport you to your childhood even as they make the pixellated graphics look that much better.

What is RoboCop vs Predator actually about, though? Beyond the simple premise of pitting two ‘80s icons against each other, the game’s story (written by Simone Granata) tells the tale of our titular police officer fighting threats from the future so severe that he’ll need the help of some serious allies. In addition to the engaging story and captivating gameplay, we loved the score from Gianluca Pappalardo; one bleep and bloop at a time, he is proving that chiptune is a powerful musical artform in its own right.

Screenshot from Robocop vs Predator

Those who don’t have a lot of free time to play video games may be relieved to know that RoboCop vs Predator has the short but sweet level design of your favorite ‘80s and ‘90s titles. There are exactly five zones of story-driven gameplay, and each zone is split into two acts. Players can access a bonus shooting stage and go for a high score like in the old days, but don’t worry: the game also has modern quality-of-life features such as an autosave, meaning you won’t have to play from the beginning of the level when the bosses give you trouble.

We had a blast playing RoboCop vs Predator, and after we were done, we couldn’t help but wonder if Oscar Celestini might try his hand at making some spinoffs. We’d love for the designer to make a spinoff where RoboCop fights the zombies from Dawn of the Dead, and we’d especially love to see him create his own sequel to the original game where RoboCop first slugged it out with The Terminator.

At any rate, we’re very happy with what we have, and it’s hard to believe RoboCop vs Predator is completely free. Legal issues aside, we have to say that we’d buy that game for a dollar.