Skynet Terminator Gun Now Real

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

terminator skynet

One silver lining to our age of shockingly advanced weaponry–increasingly suggestive of the apocalypse–is that, sometimes, a gadget comes out that reminds us of a movie. For a prime and recent example, take the SKYNET Anti-Drone System (ADS), introduced by Taiwanese company DronesVision, which—yes—looks exactly like the Terminator gun from that same franchise. 

Futuristic Firearm

The double-barreled and futuristic firearm is designed to secure the airspace by jamming hostile drones through their video transmission and GPS signals.

By jamming (think of the Space Balls scene: you know you want to) enemy drones, the high-tech blaster neutralizes them, and coerces drones into landing or returning whence they came.

All references to Arnold and his iconic franchise aside, the addition of the SKYNET ADS Terminator gun into the Taiwanese armed forces represents a significant milestone in the island nation’s overall defense strategy.

The timing is crucial as tensions mount between Taiwan and China and surveillance activities increase from across the strait. 

Following An Incident

Indeed, the island country fast-tracked the development of its SKYNET Terminator gun following an incident almost two years ago.

Then, a Chinese Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) reportedly spied on Taiwanese soldiers. Lacking readily deployable anti-drone devices at the time, Taiwanese troops took to photographing and even hurling rocks at the intrusive Chinese drone—all underscoring the dire need for more advanced measures to thwart UAV intrusions. 

Taiwan thus raced to crank out counter-drone technologies. 

$146 Million Drone Defense Program

While impressive, the high-tech gun is by no means a standalone solution. The weapon constitutes part of a $146 million program intended to overhaul the advanced drone defense capabilities at over 40 military bases across Taiwan.

Moreover, this nearly $150 million program is itself under the auspices of an even more comprehensive $4.6 billion defense boost.

Need Other Weaponry

skynet Terminator

Clearly, in creating the SKYNET Terminator anti-drone gun, Taiwan is not messing around. The country’s big-budget defense initiative highlights its commitment to protecting its sovereignty and security—particularly in the face of escalating gray-zone warfare threats, namely from China. 

Additionally, as the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan outlines, the ADS technology must be deployed alongside light weaponry. This approach points to a layered strategy, one utilizing drone defense stances integrating both kinetic and electronic countermeasures. 

Also, further plans have been developed to bolster the country’s defense posture by adopting line-of-sight UAV countermeasure systems equipped with active warning, passive detection, and interference capabilities. 

Overall Defense Strategy

skynet Terminator

The invention and implementation of the SKYNET Terminator anti-drone gun, though it may seem like a prop in a sci-fi movie, comprises but a subset of Taiwan’s overall defense strategy.

The country primarily aims its defense overhaul at deterring—and counteracting—Chinese aggression. The island nation’s defense tactics include joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) efforts, all geared to both closely monitor military activities near the tiny country’s borders and enhance command-and-control resilience against cyber warfare. 

Fortifying Network

ai apocalypse skynet Terminator

By combining military and civilian technology (such as the SKYNET Terminator gun), Taiwan demonstrably strives to develop novel electronic warfare systems.

These systems will fortify the country’s network of defense and cybersecurity capabilities, mainly by facilitating the exchange of intelligence between agencies.

Said agencies will also conduct joint cybersecurity exercises aimed to prepare the country—tiny but resilient—for whatever might come their way from across the Taiwan strait. 

Source: DroneVision

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