The Best Sci-Fi Franchise Series Is Better Than Most Of The Movies

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Terminator Sarah Connor chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a sci-fi series that aired from 2008 to 2009 on Fox. It is a continuation of the popular Terminator films created by James Cameron. The show was developed by Josh Friedman and produced by Warner Bros. Television. The story picks up four years after 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day and disregards the events of 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Seeing Terminator Through New Eyes

Terminator Sarah Connor chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles offers a refreshing dive into the Terminator universe, delivering a rich blend of narrative layers and pulse-pounding action sequences. The series explores the fascinating aspects of the franchise with a depth that captivates viewers, all while managing the constraints of a small-screen budget.

The Story

Terminator Sarah Connor chronicles

The story begins with Sarah Connor (Lena Headey) and her son John (Thomas Dekker) on the run from relentless killer robots from the future. However, their dynamic shifts when they gain an unexpected ally in the form of Cameron (Summer Glau), a Terminator reprogrammed by future John to protect his younger self.

In a time-travel twist, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles takes the protagonists eight years into the future to escape a menacing Terminator posing as a substitute teacher. This revelation intensifies their urgency to thwart the rise of Skynet – an artificially intelligent computer system that will inevitably launch a nuclear war on humans.

Artificial Intelligence

Amid the adrenaline-fueled Terminator action, The Sarah Connor Chronicles explores the threat of artificial intelligence and its impact on humanity’s existence. Headey’s portrayal of Sarah Connor is refreshing and complex, infused with dry humor. Other notable performances include Garret Dillahunt’s portrayal of a Terminator integrated with an experimental AI named John Henry.

A Thrilling Series

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles isn’t short on thrills either, with standout fight scenes showcasing the cast’s physical prowess. Glau’s ballet training lends a graceful intensity to the action, particularly in close-combat sequences. The series also delivers a few shocking twists that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle received the green light in 2007 for a season consisting of 13 episodes. However, due to the Writers Guild of America strike, it was reduced to nine. The show debuted during the mid-season to favorable reviews. However, its second season faced dwindling viewership ratings. Despite fan campaigns urging Fox to renew the series, it was canceled in May 2009.

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Terminator Sarah Connor chronicles


Friedman has opted not to disclose the storyline’s planned trajectory and encouraged the series writers to do the same. Several months after the cancellation, Thomas Dekker shared insights into what the third season would have entailed, stating that it would likely have explored John Connor’s story in the alternate future depicted at the conclusion of season two.

Although a revival of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles appears slim for the foreseeable future, fans of the series can tune in to Netflix’s Terminator: The Anime Series. The project was announced in February 2021. It is a collaboration with Skydance Media and Production I.G. Mattson Tomlin, known for his contributions to Matt Reeves’ The Batman, will serve as writer, showrunner, and executive producer.