Kate Beckinsale Hospital Decision Sparks Deep Concern From Fans

By Jennifer Muscato | Updated

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Kate Beckinsale has been sharing photos from her recent hospital stay, but now all of those posts have been deleted from her Instagram. This is confusing and concerning fans more than they already were, as the 50-year-old has not revealed the reason she has been hospitalized.

Deleted Photos

Kate Beckinsale first ignited concerns on March 11 when she shared teary-eyed photos of herself from the hospital and referred to being “sick.” On April 4, the actress could be seen in the hospital, although she was smiling in the photo alongside her friend Jonathan Voluck. The buddies appeared to be connected together, wearing a peanut-looking headpiece. There were also pictures of her snuggling with a cat and a dog, but those are all gone now.

Fan Speculation Running Wild

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PEOPLE reports that from the hospital, the actress also posted tributes to her late father, Richard Beckinsale, who died in 1979, and to her stepfather, Roy Battersby, who died on January 10. Her Instagram bio included this quote; “A fatherless girl thinks all things possible and nothing safe.”

Questions swirl about what may be going on with the famous brunette. Some speculated that she may be being treated for endometriosis or a ruptured cyst since she had a ruptured cyst in 2019, but Beckinsale has said that it is not that.

Hospitalized After The Oscars

Looking at what she has left on her Instagram, in December 2023, she shared pictures of herself crying, bruises on her arm, a bandaged knee, and pictures of her in the hospital. About her recent hospital stay, a source told Entertainment Tonight in March; “Kate Beckinsale hasn’t been doing or feeling well. She was supposed to go to the Vanity Fair Oscars party and had to cancel. She is doing her best to take care of herself, but it’s not a great situation.”

The Oscars were on March 10, and the next day, she started posting hospital photos. Beckinsale did go to the Golden Globes on January 7, looking gorgeous in a silver gown with a see-through skirt.

Shared The Screen With Her Daughter

Kate Beckinsale shares a 25-year-old daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, with her ex, actor Michael Sheen. Lily is an actor as well, starring with Nicholas Cage and Pedro Pascal in 2022’s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Lily has shared about her acting career on Instagram, but nothing about her famous mom’s mystery illness.

Lily was also in 2006’s Underworld: Evolution, where she played “Young” Selene. Her mom plays Selene.

Decades Of Work In Hollywood

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Kate Beckinsale is the star of the Underworld action horror film series. It was created by Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride and Len Wiseman. Beckinsale and Wiseman were married from 2004-2019. 

Underworld follows characters who are caught up in a war between vampires and werewolves, called “lycans”. Beckinsale plays an elite vampire-warrior. While the films received generally negative reviews from critics, they have a strong fanbase and have grossed a total of $539 million.

Kate Beckinsale was born in England and broke into the US main stage thanks to films like 1999’s Brokedown Palace, 2001’s Pearl Harbor, and 2001’s Serendipity. Her venture into the Underworld started in 2003. By 2014, she was starring in Stonehearst Asylum alongside Michael Caine.