Adam Sandler Classic Comedy Proves He’s Still King Of Netflix

By Nikola Pajtic | Published

adam sandler happy gilmore

Adam Sandler’s films have more often than not been bashed by film critics, but it is no secret these creations leave the audience on a positive note after the credits. This is why it is no surprise to see his classic comedy, Happy Gilmore at No. 6 on the Netflix Top Ten charts. 

Adam Sandler In Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore tells the comedic story of a washed-up hockey player who discovers a hidden talent for golf thanks to a powerful slapshot he learned from his late father.

Now, instead of pursuing an ice hockey career further, he turns to professional golf and the film follows him on his comedic journey through PGA as he clashes with the sport’s elite due to his short-tempered personality. 

This charms the fans, alongside his undeniable raw talent. He is embarking on the PGA tour to earn enough money to save his grandmother’s house from foreclosure.

Shooter McGavin

happy gilmore

In addition to Adam Sandler’s starring role as Happy Gilmore, the film features a stellar cast and rather vivid characters. 

We have Shooter McGavin, portrayed by Christopher McDonald, who is the pro golfer and Gilmore’s main rival. Their clash is the center of the comedy throughout the film as they represent two sides of the coin, Happy being unorthodox and Shooter coming from an elite background. 

Julie Bowen And Carl Weathers

Then, Julie Bowen portrays Virginia Venit, who as the film goes becomes Happy’s love interest and the center of the romantic subplot in films like this.

Carl Weathers comes in the role of Chubbs Peterson, a former golfer and Happy’s mentor who helps him along the sporting adventure. Rounding out the odd party is a homeless man whose name is not known until the credits role, portrayed by Allen Covert.

He is Adam Sander’s caddy in the film, and his presence only adds to its comedy and continual support of Happy Gilmore

Mixed Reviews From Critics

Adam Sandler

Happy Gilmore, like many of Adam Sandler’s comedy films, received mixed critical reviews, but it found box office success. It grossed more than $41 million worldwide, which just foreshadowed Sandler’s future success. 

Happy Gilmore is one example of how Sandler’s comedies often feature protagonists who, despite their flows, ultimately have a good and do anything for a positive outcome in the end. 

Set Tone For Other Adam Sandler Movies

Adam Sandler

The film came out in 1996, and Adam Sandler continued this trend in his subsequent films. In Waterboy, we witness Bobby Boucher Jr.’s journey as he joins a struggling college team.

There is also something positive behind Michael Newman in Click, a stressed-out architect, as he gets a magical remote to fast forward in his life. There are many more examples, but we will let you discover them on your own as Adam Sandler and Netflix have teamed up in a deal worth millions. 

Adam Sandler On Netflix

Adam Sandler

Reportedly, back in 2020, the streaming giant and Adam Sandler signed a deal worth $250 million to bring more of Sandler’s films on the platform. The numbers prove this to be a success since subscribers have watched more than two billion hours of Sandler films on Netflix. 

More happy news is swirling around as there are rumors of Happy Gilmore 2 in the making. Adam Sandler teased a script to Christopher McDonald while Drew Barrymore hinted that there is a project in the works. 

Thanks to Adam Sandler’s continued popularity on Netflix, there is a big chance a Happy Gilmore sequel could happen and be a major hit for Netflix.