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m3gan 2

M3GAN Gets SOULM8TE Spinoff In Horror Universe Expansion

As we’re seeing from all the major studios these days, the ticket to selling tickets is all about churning out …

3 days ago

ex machina

The Terrifying Sci-Fi Thriller On Max Shows Exactly How AI Outsmarts Humanity

These days artificial intelligence seems to be permeating everything from our entertainment, to our search engines, and even our academic …

6 days ago

arnold schwarzenegger rue lies

AI Is Already Ruining Classic Movies Possibly Forever

Technology marches ever forward, and artificial intelligence and its effects on various industries continue to be the hot-button topic of …

1 week ago

Ashton Kutcher AI Movies Controversy Sparks After Remarks

Apart from fighting the studios for bigger salaries and streamers for royalties, one of the reasons why actors joined the …

2 weeks ago

Tom Cruise Olympics Has Fallen Causing Frenzy Thanks To Russia

The world of AI-generated celebrity content keeps getting weirder. A new documentary titled Olympics Has Fallen has surfaced with Tom …

3 weeks ago

Children Trust Robots Over Humans In Stunning Discovery

If robots ever take over the world, at least the kids will like them. According to a recent study published …

3 weeks ago

discovery finale

Star Trek Discovery Finale Betrays Franchise Ideals In One Huge Way

With the Star Trek: Discovery series finale streaming, I am surprised and disappointed that–for precious little benefit–“Life, Itself” manages to …

3 weeks ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Anime About Evil AI You Should Watch Instead Of Atlas

Critics are calling Netflix’s latest sci-fi original, Atlas, one of the worst films to enter the genre in a very …

3 weeks ago

sony anime

Sony Wants To Make Anime As Big As Movies But There’s A Terrible Catch

Many anime fans experience frequent frustration that the medium is often not taken as seriously as live-action stories. So it …

4 weeks ago

ai warfare

OpenAI Safety Employees Leaving Company, We’re Sure That’s A Good Thing

OpenAI has slowly been losing employees who have worked to ensure OpenAI safety. But now, they are leaving in droves. Ilya …

4 weeks ago

Scientists Are Using AI To Make Anime And This Will Be A Disaster

With the massive world disasters, such as air and plastic pollution, global hunger, water scarcity, and deforestation for scientists to …

1 month ago

AI Voiceover Company Sued Over Alleged Theft Of Actors’ Voices

Two voice actors sued an AI voiceover startup recently for allegedly stealing their voices. Paul Skye Lehrman and Linnea Sage …

1 month ago

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson OpenAI Scandal Over Sky Voice Causes Actress To Speak Out

Scarlett Johansson has expressed her “shock” at OpenAI for creating an AI voice that “eerily” resembled her own after she …

1 month ago

Her Is Now Real As AI Creators Continue To Not Understand Sci-Fi Movies

OpenAI’s recent announcement of GPT-4o marks a significant milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. Among its notable features is a …

1 month ago

michael bay real transformers

Real Transformers Now Exist With AI Shape-Shifting Robots

A recent groundbreaking development feels torn straight from the pages of science fiction: researchers from MIT have revealed the world’s …

1 month ago

ai voice actors

AI Ghosts Of Our Dead Loved Ones Is Now A Problem

There seems to be no escaping the giant sci-fi horror movie ingesting our reality; for evidence, consider that artificial intelligence …

1 month ago

The New Term For Unwanted AI Generated Content

Artificial intelligence is one of the most hot-button topics in the tech space, and it’s only going to become more …

1 month ago


AI Called New Kind Of Species By Microsoft Exec

Mustafa Suleyman, chief executive of Microsoft AI, recently gave a TED Talk in which he said that technology should be …

2 months ago

isaac asimov

See Isaac Asimov Explain The Robot Rules Humans Need Now More Than Ever

Even if you’ve never heard them called by name, or even have no idea who Isaac Asimov was, I guarantee …

2 months ago

AI Is About To Make Customer Service An Even Bigger Nightmare

Generative AI will change customer service practices as we know it as the technology continues to advance at a rapid …

2 months ago

Top AI Researcher Says Emerging Technology Will End Humanity

If you’re in the mood for bad news (who isn’t?), read on: a leading AI safety scientist and director of …

2 months ago

the artifice girl

The Dark Sci-Fi Modern Drama With A Genre Legend Is The Best AI Thriller For Adults In Years

Stories about the dangers of artificial intelligence date back much farther than the existence of ChatGPT or the Dall-E mini, …

2 months ago

X-Men ’97 Makes AI The Biggest Threat And It’s Comic Correct

As a child of the 90s who grew up on comics the appeal of X-Men 97, and the earlier animated …

2 months ago

AI Voice Used To Frame School Principal In Unreal Arrest

Baltimore County Police have arrested Dazhon Darien, the former athletic director of Pikesville High School, for using an AI voice …

2 months ago

Cops Now Using AI To Do Their Job

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, we’re now living in the age of AI. While everyone is terrified …

2 months ago

The Max Sci-Fi Romance That Eerily Predicts Our AI Obsession

Any time there is a new story about advancements in AI these days, people always express concern about all of …

2 months ago

civil war posters

Civil War Controversy Gets Heated Over AI Posters

The use of artificial intelligence in Hollywood has been one of the most heated topics over the last year and …

2 months ago

arnold schwarzenegger true lies

AI Is Ruining Classic Movies And Isn’t Stopping

Artificial intelligence has been a major issue in the creative arts in recent years, with the use of generative AI …

2 months ago

AI Beauty Pageant Is A Real Thing Because We Just Want To Kickstart The Dystopia

The world’s first AI beauty pageant is coming, making the criticism that pageants promote unrealistic beauty standards true in a …

2 months ago

How AI Could Create An Economic Sci-Fi Dystopia

Every technology has advantages and disadvantages; artificial intelligence (AI) is no different. Slated to transform the nature of work and …

2 months ago