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How The Ultimate AI Sci-Fi Horror Situation Could Actually Happen

Scary as it sounds, the concept of the technological singularity—a future point when artificial intelligence (AI) surpasses human intelligence, acquiring …

9 hours ago


AI Fighter Jet Test Determines Fate Of New Drone Warplanes

The US military’s latest experiment with AI is definitely one of the most terrifying yet, as the Air Force will …

15 hours ago

Intelligent Liquid Is New Class Of Fluid Created By Harvard Scientists

According to a recent write-up in The Debrief, a team of researchers out of Harvard have developed a programmable meta …

18 hours ago

Pink Floyd Contest Won By AI, Controversy Takes Over Beloved Fan Art Event

Controversy has surrounded the Pink Floyd animation contest, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the album Dark Side of …

4 days ago

blade runner 2099

Science Fiction Could Get Students To Crack AI

Teachers have long since discussed the difficulties in getting many of their students interested in more technical subjects like mathematics …

5 days ago

Star Trek Replicator Becoming Real

For fans of the Star Trek franchise, the Star Trek Replicator is more than a plot device; it embodies the …

6 days ago

pig heart

AI Video Makes Pigs Fly, See The Creepy Fake Documentary

The newest video by OpenAI’s Sora shows realistic-looking pigs flying through the air with wings, as well as several other …

6 days ago

AI chatbots

AI Chatbots Are Better Than Humans At Changing Someone’s Opinion

The next time someone wants to engage in an online argument with you, consider using a chatbot as your stand-in. …

1 week ago

OpenAI Voice Cloning Too Dangerous For Public Release

OpenAI, the organization behind high-profile AI technologies like the text generation model ChatGPT, has issued a statement concerning the risks …

1 week ago

ChatGPT Causing Memory Loss In Students? New Study Raises Disturbing Concerns

In the short time that advanced AI programs have been available publicly, they have already raised a lot of concerns. …

2 weeks ago

AI Needs Nuclear Fusion In Order To Survive Energy Demands?

There’s a viral clip on the internet of a team of news reporters in the ’90s who didn’t know what …

2 weeks ago

ai beer

AI Is Coming For Beer Brewing Next

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming industries, from self-driving cars to automated customer service. Now, scientists have found a way …

2 weeks ago

Doctor Who AI Controversy Cancels Promotion

Doctor Who is poised to return to the BBC this May, with a brand new Doctor in the leading role, …

2 weeks ago

AI Kidnapping Scam Terrifies Parents

The term “AI kidnapping” can conjure images of robots abducting humans. However, this term denotes a novel form of scam …

3 weeks ago

OpenAI Sets Meetings With Hollywood In Bid To Break Into The Movie Business

Now that the dust has settled on the historic WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes of 2023, creators across the show business …

3 weeks ago

AI Nurses Are Real And Already Taking Over For Humans

Many have long cited the medical field as a future-proof career. They reason that there will always be sick people …

3 weeks ago

AI Designs Antibodies From Scratch In ‘Landmark Moment’ For Science

We have already discussed how the advent of artificial intelligence in recent years has made massive waves in the uncharted …

3 weeks ago

Lego Tells Police To Stop Using Figure Heads In Suspect Photos

The Murrieta Police Department in California has been directed by Lego to discontinue the practice of digitally placing Lego heads …

3 weeks ago

Late Night With The Devil AI Controversy Gets Explained By Creators

2024 is setting itself up to be yet another terrific year for horror movies, but one of those titles is …

3 weeks ago

AI Accurately Predicts Floods, New Technology Conquering Weather?

AI weather prediction just took a step forward, according to Google’s latest announcement. The tech giant has developed an AI-assisted …

3 weeks ago

AI Gets Inner Monologue And Becomes Incredibly Smarter

New research says that providing artificial intelligence (AI) systems with an inner monologue significantly enhances their ability to reason effectively. …

3 weeks ago

terminator netflix

Terminator Producer Shares Worrying AI Report

There’s no doubt that AI is a revolutionary technology, and though we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to …

3 weeks ago

alien romulus

Alien: Romulus’ Most Controversial Element Isn’t Just Disrespectful, It Makes No Sense

Unconfirmed reports surrounding the production of the latest film in the Alien franchise have fans online buzzing about a move …

3 weeks ago

AI Ghosts Are Something We Actually Have To Worry About Now

If you have lost someone you care about, you know how difficult the grief can be. One of the hardest …

4 weeks ago

Major Automaker Employs Humanoid Robots In Factories

As technology continues to revolutionize various industries, Mercedes is taking a bold step into the future by employing humanoid robots …

4 weeks ago


Audience Shuts Down AI Videos During Beloved Festival

The audience at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas got an earful when an overtly pro-AI sizzle reel played before …

4 weeks ago

mark Zuckerberg AI

OpenAI Robot Is The Next Step Towards Terminators

Has the Terminator era truly begun? In a stunning (and perhaps terrifying) display of technological prowess, Figure, a robotics startup …

4 weeks ago

artificial intelligence

Male Robot Touches Woman Inappropriately

The unveiling of Saudi Arabia’s first humanoid “male” robot, Muhammed, took an awkward, uncomfortable detour. In a clip widely shared …

1 month ago

AI extinction

Extinction Level Threat From AI Confirmed By Government Report

A report commissioned by the U.S. government warns of significant national security risks posed by AI, suggesting it could lead …

1 month ago