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Breaking Bad Throwaway Episode Is More Revealing Than You Think

To this day, Breaking Bad is one of the best television series to ever have been beamed into our living …

4 days ago

Saul Goodman Never Wanted To Be The Good Guy

Better Call Saul is a deep character study of Saul Goodman (or Jimmy McGill) that gives the Breaking Bad universe …

4 days ago

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Arkham Asylum Series Canceled At Max

Every exceptionally bad villain in Gotham City of the D.C. Cinematic Universe winds up in the fictional Arkham Asylum. A …

1 week ago

The Best Bromance Comedy Ever Made On Paramount+ Is A Modern Classic

If you grew up during the golden era of Comedy Central, you probably spent a lot of time watching silly, …

2 weeks ago

Bryan Cranston Gives Career-High Performance In Overlooked True Story On Max

In the years following Breaking Bad‘s thrilling conclusion, my friends and I, like everyone else on Earth, were completely obsessed …

3 weeks ago

The X-Files Episode That The Studio Tried Three Times To Shut Down

Go through the list of stars that appeared on The X-Files before they became household names, and you’ll find an …

4 weeks ago

total recall remake

Bryan Cranston Legal Crime Thriller Breaks Free And Lands On Netflix

Whether you know him as the loving father of four in Malcolm in the Middle or the ruthless drug kingpin …

2 months ago

Breaking Bad Only Works Because Of When It Happened

Breaking Bad is one of the best dramas of its time, but it still has so much staying power for …

3 months ago

the infiltrator

Streaming True Crime Story Sees Beloved TV Star Take Down The Cartel One More Time

Bryan Cranston is best known for his landmark performance as Albuquerque drug kingpin Walter White in the AMC series Breaking …

4 months ago

Breaking Bad Star Games The Lottery In This Streaming Comedy

Bryan Cranston is best known for his menacing performance as a middle-aged Albuquerque school teacher turned violent crime lord in …

4 months ago

Tense R-Rated Thriller Keeps You Glued To Your Set, Stream Without Netflix

Just one month before the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad went into production, Bryan Cranston took on one of …

4 months ago

bryan cranston
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Henry Cavill Is Not A Fan Of Controversial Movie Scene

Sex scenes can sometimes be important for a movie, and other times, they can be superfluous. Henry Cavill seems to …

5 months ago

The Office Movie On The Way?

News of a potential The Office reboot has been circulating for some time, with many cast, crew members, and fans …

5 months ago

R-Rated Violence Hypocrisy Exposed By Marvel Director

It’s hard to believe that we’re still talking about the rating system in 2024 but here we are. After dropping …

5 months ago

Argylle Reviews All Say The Same Thing About Henry Cavill Action Thriller

Although he may no longer be Superman or Geralt of Rivia, Henry Cavill is staying in the action business and …

5 months ago

Henry Cavill True Story Action Thriller Looks Incredible, See The Proof

There’s an art form to make an enticing movie trailer that explains the film but leaves the audience wanting more, …

6 months ago

Disney+ Sci-Fi Mystery Series Still Finds New Fans Decades Later

It’s impossible to overstate The X-Files’s impact on television, not just sci-fi, but the entire medium. From encouraging women to …

6 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Comedy Is An Absolute Tear-Jerker

By now, Wes Anderson is a household name for film fans, known for his distinct visual style and concise dialogue. …

6 months ago

The Netflix Crime Thriller That Gives Fans The Sendoff They Need

Breaking Bad is often in the conversation when people talk about the best TV shows of all time, and its …

6 months ago

breaking bad tortoise

See Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Together Again In Hilarious New Job

Breaking Bad co-stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston found their latest excuse to hang out together—instead of making meth they …

9 months ago

breaking bad better call saul

Breaking Bad Star Makes No Money From Netflix Streams

It’s been almost two months since the Screen Actors’ Guild joined the Writers’ Guild of America on strike. There are …

10 months ago

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Bryan Cranston Once Played The Devil In A Mini-Series No One Watched 

These days, Bryan Cranston is best known for portraying meth magnate Walter White on the legendary AMC drama Breaking Bad. …

12 months ago

bryan cranston x-files

The X-Files Episode That Led To Breaking Bad

Before Bryan Cranston was cast as the infamous Walter White in the AMC hit TV series Breaking Bad, he landed …

12 months ago

bryan cranston

Bryan Cranston Blasts Disney In Moving Speech

Anyone who has seen Breaking Bad knows that Bryan Cranston knows how to deliver a gripping monologue. But instead of …

12 months ago

bryan cranston

Bryan Cranston Thinks You’re Lazy For Fan-Casting Him As This Iconic Villain

Bryan Cranston thinks casting him as Lex Luthor would be a lousy decision solely based on looks.

1 year ago

bryan cranston

Bryan Cranston Wants To Return To Breaking Bad With New Walter White Plan

Bryan Cranston is willing to return as Walter White, again, so long as there’s a good story.

1 year ago

Most Hilarious Breaking Bad Moments

The funniest moments in Breaking Bad come from the side-characters, strange character quirks, and a piece of pasta.

1 year ago