Bryan Cranston Was A Murder Suspect And That’s Not Even The Craziest Things About His Youth

By April Ryder | Published

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Bryan Cranston (star of the award-winning series Breaking Bad) opened up in an interview about his youth and how he was once a suspect for a brief moment in a murder case involving an old boss of his. 

Bryan Cranston And His Wild Youth

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Over dinner with a popular podcast host, Bryan Cranston began a story about his and his brother Kyle’s travels. The two were traveling the country together in the 70s when they ran out of money. With no means to get much further in their exploration, the two brothers got jobs and stayed for a while in a small Florida town. 

Kitchen Nightmare

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The guy who ran the restaurant where Bryan Cranston and his brother Kyle worked was a very “cantankerous” man who didn’t really like anyone unless they were a pretty woman. Everyone who worked at the restaurant knew that there was simply no way to get on the guy’s good side unless you were a girl, so they always sent one of the ladies into the kitchen if anyone had a question. 

Often the crew would stand around and toss out ideas as to how they could get rid of their boss. Jokingly, the crew would talk about ways they would “get rid” of him if they ever had the chance. One suggestion involved a meat grinder and another suggested they hit their boss over the head with his own wok. 

From Jokes To Reality

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Bryan Cranston went on to talk about how they would all laugh at the various ideas for offing their boss. He said, “You’re in a kitchen, there’s a million ways to kill someone in a kitchen.” After a short stint working at the restaurant, Bryan and Kyle felt it was time to move on and continue their journey. 

This time, the two brothers planned on heading up north to Maine on an epic motorcycle road trip adventure. The only problem with their plan is that it came at just the wrong time. 

The Wrong Day To Get Out Of Town

The day they began the next leg of life just so happened to be the day their old “cantankerous” boss went missing. The police already knew that a young (and beautiful) lady approached Bryan Cranston’s old boss and led him to a house where someone bopped him over the head and robbed him. Later, they put the restaurant owner’s body in the trunk of a car. 

Person Of Interest

Naturally, police questioned everyone who worked at the guy’s restaurant looking for clues as to who did this to the owner. During the questioning process, police discovered that Bryan Cranston and his brother Kyle had left town the same day the owner went missing.

Police Called Off The Search For Bryan Cranston

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Police put out an APB (all-points bulletin) on Bryan Cranston and his sidekick for a while until their investigation led them in another direction. Luckily, the cops caught the people who committed the crime before they arrested Cranston and his brother, but the situation could have been rough for Bryan and Kyle had they been pulled over on the road during the time of the APB. 

Source: Dinner’s on Me with Jesse Tyler Ferguson