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Henry Cavill Officially Making A Spy Movie With Other Huge Stars, Our Scoop Confirmed

Our Henry Cavill scoop has been confirmed.

3 years ago

henry cavill

Exclusive: Henry Cavill Teaming Up With Bryan Cranston For A Spy Movie

Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston are teaming up for a new Matthew Vaughn movie.

3 years ago

A Bryan Cranston Movie Is Suddenly Super Popular On Netflix

Bryan Cranston is known for many things, Malcolm in the Middle, How I Met Your Mother and, of course, Breaking Bad. Now it’s one of his lesser-known roles that is making a big jump on the Netflix charts.

3 years ago

Bryan Cranston

See Bryan Cranston As Fantastic Four’s Doctor Doom

With Fantastic Four casting rumors heating up recently, one artist has visualized his choice for Doctor Doom: Bryan Cranston.

4 years ago

Bryan Cranston Has The Coronavirus

Famous people travel the world hopping around movie sets and meeting and shaking hands everywhere. So it makes sense that we’re starting to hear of more and more famous Coronavirus test positives.

4 years ago

Bryan Cranston

Star Trek 3 Might Add Bryan Cranston As A Chilling Villain

Star Trek 3 has had more than its share of problems already and they haven’t even put a single image …

9 years ago

Godzilla’s Opening Credits Have A Breaking Bad Easter Egg

Even though we thoroughly enjoyed Gareth Edwards’ recent Godzilla reboot (which you can now own on Blu-ray as of earlier …

10 years ago