Aaron Paul Has Revealed The Fate Of Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul shot to TV stardom by portraying Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad and he has finally revealed his fate.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

aaron paul

Actor Aaron Paul has closed one of the most successful chapters of his career. The actor who shot to fame as Jesse Pinkman in the iconic Breaking Bad Series, before reprising the role in the film El Camino and in episodes of the prequel series Better Call Saul says that’s that for him and Pinkman. The actor told The Hollywood Reporter such in a recent interview, confirming that he will not be returning to the Breaking Bad universe in the future.

Aaron Paul made a triumphant return as Jesse Pinkman in two glorious cameo outings in the final season of Better Call Saul – the Breaking Bad prequel series charting Bob Odenkirk’s life as lawyer Jimmy McGill and his transformation into Saul Goodman – in a storyline that overlapped with season two of Breaking Bad. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about his return to the franchise and if there is anything else for him to add to the world as Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul had this to say; “Jesse Pinkman will always have a special place inside of me, but I can confidently say that Better Call Saul was the last time we’re going to see Pinkman. So it was a nice farewell.”

Aaron Paul starred in all five seasons of Breaking Bad as Jesse Pinkman, a former student of Bryan Cranston’s chemistry teacher Walter White, who employs Pinkman to help him cook and deal crystal meth to support his family financially following a cancer diagnosis. Pinkman bears witness to and is embroiled in White’s transformation into the villainous Heisenberg. The series created by Vince Gilligan received huge acclaim (Breaking Bad boasts a 96% Critics score on Rotten Tomatoes) and won 16 Emmy Awards, with three of them being for Aaron Paul in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category for his performance as Jesse Pinkman. Before returning as Pinkman in Better Call Saul, Aaron Paul reprised the role in the Netflix film, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, set immediately after the events of the Breaking Bad finale and features Jesse Pinkman on the run and attempting to leave the traumatic events of his past with Walter White behind. Paul helped produce the film which was nominated for Outstanding Television Movie at the 2020 Primetime Emmys. The legacy of Aaron Paul’s incredible performance as Jesse Pinkman was celebrated recently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the town where Breaking Bad was set had bronze statues of both Jesse Pinkman and Walter White erected in their honor.

Given the success and acclaim that all three of Aaron Paul’s appearances as Jesse Pinkman, it appears logical for Paul to retire the character on a high note following his Better Call Saul cameo and while fans may be sad that this is the last we will see of Pinkman, it’s good that Paul’s time with the character hasn’t been sullied by a duff entry, which is always a danger if one gets too much of a good thing. However, there is another series that has just aired for Aaron Paul fans to enjoy as season four of the incredible mind-bending sci-fi series Westworld – where Paul portrays Caleb Nichols – has just wrapped up its eight-episode run, available to stream on HBO Max.