See Aaron Paul Reveal The Amazing Honor He Gave His Breaking Bad Co-Star

Aaron Paul gave quite the honor to a Breaking Bad co-star having still maintained a close relationship with those he worked with on the show

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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Aaron Paul has forged a successful career in Hollywood and there’s no doubt that much of it stems from one of his first major roles, playing Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. Of course, the actor would hold on to this time as a special one especially considering the relationships he forged on the show. Though the series has been off the air for almost a decade now, that doesn’t mean Paul has lost touch along the way. Far from it. The actor even said that he remains so close with a castmate (an obvious one) that they are still part of each other’s lives almost on a family level.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Aaron Paul talked about his recent life, including a big addition to his family. The actor just had a baby (Ryden) and he talked about what it was like now being a father for the second time. With this, Aaron Paul also decided to ask an old castmate, and close friend to be the godfather of the child. That was Bryan Cranston who accepted the opportunity. Check out what Aaron Paul had to say about the request and why he chose Cranston. 

During the interview, Aaron Paul said that when he first asked Bryan Cranston to be the godfather of the baby the latter jokingly refused the honor. But that was only in jest with Paul saying, “I asked Bryan on his birthday if he would be our baby’s godfather…he’s very excited, very honored. I love the man to death. He’s one of my best friends in the world.”

This kind of relationship and reverence makes a lot of sense for Aaron Paul when it comes to Bryan Cranston. After all, the two starred on Breaking Bad for five award-winning seasons. The two formed one of the most likely “hero” pairings in television history, cooking meth for a “living” and creating a criminal quasi-empire before it all came crashing down from a narrative arc perspective. Though the two characters, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, were often at odds in the story, their relationship (and ultimate redemption) was at the heart of the story. Vince Gilligan, the series creator, crafted a masterpiece along these lines and it has forever tied Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston together. 

The two recently made an appearance on the Breaking Bad prequel series Better Call Saul which details the time that Bob Odenkirk’s titular character made the transformation from Jimmy McGill to the fast-talking attorney we meet in Breaking Bad. With BTS setting the stage for the initial series, it made sense to try and work in Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in some way. Paul had also reprised the role in the 2019 movie El Camino and has even expressed a willingness to do another series around the character if Vince Gilligan ever wanted to put a script together. 

In addition to this Breaking Bad reunion of sorts, Aaron Paul also has a new movie out in which he co-stars with Karen Gillan. That’s Dual which has Gillan’s character battling a close of herself to be the one version of the person who is allowed to live in the world. It’s received positive reviews from critics so far, sitting at 79% on Rotten Tomatoes.