Bryan Cranston Has The #1 Movie On Streaming

By James Brizuela | Published

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You would be hard-pressed to find anything with Bryan Cranston that isn’t a hit. The man has been a fan-favorite actor since his days as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. From there, he would go on to reach superstardom during his time on Breaking Bad, where he played one of the best antiheroes ever created, Walter White. He is not defined by just those two television shows, as the man has been a superb actor in all that he has done. That is proven by the fact that he now has the #1 movie on streaming. Cranston is joined by Annette Bening in a film called Jerry & Marge Go Large, which holds the top spot on Paramount+.

Jerry & Marge Go Large currently holds a 64% critic rating and a much more respectable 79% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Although the film is looked at a bit negatively by critics, the audience response to the film has been much greater. That is certainly the case considering the film is #1 currently. The audience rating is enough to solidify that fact. Quite honestly, the film does have quite a cast. Bryan Cranston, Annette Bening, and Rainn Wilson are just three of the wonderful actors who are in this film. The film officially debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 15th and was subsequently released on June 17th on Paramount+. It sounds as if it took a bit for the film to gain traction amongst audiences.

Jerry & Marge Go Large follows Jerry (Bryan Cranston) and Marge Selbee (Annette Bening) who are a married couple from Evart, Michigan. Jerry has worked for 42 years in a factory as a product line manager, retiring shortly after. The man is obsessed with puzzles, and he soon uses that to figure out a loophole in the WinFall lottery in Massachusetts. He uses the loophole to repeatedly win the jackpot, netting himself millions of dollars. Jerry and Marge then decide to use that money to revitalize Evart. The film is based on an article of the same name that had been written for HuffPost, by Jason Fagone.

The backstory of this “based on a true story” film is quite interesting. Jerry Selbee, who Bryan Cranston portrays, worked for Kellogg’s for years in Michigan. His entire job was to weigh dry, heat, and weigh cereal box contents. Usually, the process was to do so with competitors and compare the moisture results of the cereal to Kellogg’s brands like Froot Loops. His job seemed boring until he started to notice codes written on the boxes of cereal, which led him to attempt to make sense of the code. Through that, he was able to determine a sort of secret code that had been imprinted on plenty of cereal boxes. He had been obsessed with any task and would take that task “100%” according to his son Doug. Through the years at his job, Jerry would make time to graduate college with several degrees in mathematics. He had always been obsessed with puzzles and numbers and through that, he found a way to exploit the lottery, making him and his wife millions of dollars. An investigation had been launched and exposed a deeper connection of corruption in the lottery.

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If any of that interests you, then you are likely to want to see Jerry & Marge Go Large, as the film details some of the life that Jerry Selbee lived, albeit with some changes for dramatic purposes. And if you watch the film you get to see Bryan Cranston, be as spectacular as ever. Plus, Annette Bening is fantastic as well. Really, the whole cast is great. Again, this could be why the film is #1 on Paramount+.

Jerry & Marge Go Large is streaming right now on Paramount+. Bryan Cranston takes on the role of the real-life Jerry Selbee, who used his obsession with puzzles and numbers to expose the state lottery to become a millionaire. Instead of using the money for some selfish purposes, he then uses it to revive the town he calls home. That is something that most people wouldn’t do. Most people would buy a mansion and fancy cars. We might do the same. Either way, go watch this movie now and see why it is in the top spot.