Exclusive: Henry Cavill Teaming Up With Bryan Cranston For A Spy Movie

By Drew Dietsch | 2 weeks ago

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Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston are incredibly iconic actors in their respected field. The idea of seeing both of them share the screen for a movie directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Secret Service) sounds like an absolute dream come true. Well, thanks to some exclusive information that was obtained by one of our trusted and proven inside sources, that dream is very close to becoming a reality.

Our insider was able to find out that both Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston are being eyed for an as-yet-unnamed new spy thriller from Matthew Vaughn. The project centers around a writer who is incredibly successful at writing spy novels. However, it turns out that this author is actually a former spy that is suffering from amnesia. Slowly, her past and her memories begin to come back to her, and things take a turn for the worse.

From the information we were given, it looks like Bryan Cranston is being courted to play the director of the spy organization that is also pretending to be the author’s father. We were unable to obtain the role that Henry Cavill is being considered for, but we would assume he is another operative in this covert group. Is it possible he could be playing an antagonist of some sort? It would be a great dichotomy to his usual leading man heroic persona. And with Cranston as a character who is definitely being duplicitous, it would also be a treat to see him channel the more villainous side of his acting powers.

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We should clarify that the info we have gotten does not say that Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston have completely signed on for the roles, but they are the top contenders for the parts. The unnamed film is hoping to start production in the fall, so it is likely that they are going to start locking down casting sooner rather than later if the production stays on its current timetable. Nabbing big names like Cavill and Cranston would undoubtedly get things moving quickly.

What we would love to know is who Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston would be playing next to as the lead. The author character sounds like a really intriguing and fun one to play: a spy with amnesia who doesn’t know she was a spy and is unknowingly drawing upon her past to write spy novels. That alone is a wonderful premise and could be a really solid showcase for a particular female star. This would be a wonderful vehicle for a notable actress that audiences love seeing on the screen.

Here’s hoping that Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston do end up signing on the dotted line. Matthew Vaughn is a compelling and entertaining director, and this sounds like the kind of movie that would benefit from his involvement behind the camera. If they do commit to the project, you can guarantee that this will be one movie we will be keeping a close eye on. It sounds like an awesome time at the movies.