The Office Movie On The Way?

By TeeJay Small | Published

News of a potential The Office reboot has been circulating for some time, with many cast, crew members, and fans weighing in on what they’d like to see in a possible revival. Now, fans have confirmation from at least two highly respected office ladies who have expressed interest in appearing in a film adaptation.

During a recent episode of the Office Ladies podcast, guest Bryan Cranston inquired about the possibility of hosts Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey appearing in an Office movie in place of a show, to which the hosts enthusiastically agreed.

Jenna Fischer’s One Condition To Return

While each of the hosts had different reasoning and conditions for signing on to do a The Office movie, both the Pam Beasley and Angela Martin performers seemed more than happy to do so. For Jenna Fischer, her condition for appearing in a revival film was predicated on the involvement of Greg Daniels, who originally adapted the series for American television based on the hit UK series of the same name, and served as showrunner throughout the show’s nine seasons. Fischer explained to Bryan Cranston in no uncertain terms that she would only trust the writing of the project to be up to snuff if Daniels were behind the wheel.

Angela Kinsey Is Fully On Board

For Kinsey, reprising her ultra-religious cat-owner character in a The Office movie had less to do with the creative side and more to do with her personal attachment to the character. The host explained that reprising the role at this stage in her career would offer a fun and exciting window into the process for her children, making the move financially lucrative and fulfilling in a domestic sense as well.

Bryan Cranston Up For Appearing In The Office Movie

bryan cranston

Cranston’s question was then turned back on the Emmy Award-winning Breaking Bad actor, who explained that he’d love to appear in a cameo, but wouldn’t want to take on a major role. Bryan Cranston previously helmed a season 9 episode of The Office as a director, though he never appeared on camera in the long-running comedy sitcom.

The trio went on to pitch possible plot points for a potential The Office movie, including returning to the Dunder Mifflin employees now over a decade down the line from their last on-camera appearances and checking up on their current whereabouts.

Would Other Stars Consider Returning?

Unfortunately, it seems clear that a reboot of The Office won’t be in the form of a movie, and may not involve many, or any, of the original cast. There have already been discussions in recent years about reviving the show as a reboot series with fresh new talent, and leading stars like Steve Carell have shunned the idea of returning as recently as 2018.

Furthermore, some Office alumni such as John Krasinski have moved on to bigger projects, which would likely make it difficult to get him to agree to return to the role of Jim Halpert, as the role no longer defines his career.

The Office Lives On

Whether The Office returns in the form of a reboot series, movie, or other possible avenue, fans will surely line up to revisit the floundering paper company, as the series served as one of the highest-rated comedies of all time.

For those looking to relive the magic of the acclaimed series, all episodes are available to stream on Peacock. Beyond that, it may be impossible to recapture the essence of what made The Office great, no matter how many former stars agree to reprise their roles.

Source: Office Ladies