Shelved Star Wars Movie Back On Track With Controversial Director

By Britta DeVore | Published

star wars rogue squadron

It’s been just about two full years since Lucasfilm and Disney cut Star Wars: Rogue Squadron from its docket but some exciting news points to the project’s rebirth with the original director back in the mix. That’s right, some fresh information from Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, reveals that she’s back behind the script of what will be a movie revolving around fighter pilots in the franchise first made famous by George Lucas’s 1977 film, Star Wars. The movie has gone through quite a few ups and downs since it was first announced to be heading toward production in 2020, even gaining a 2023 theatrical release date before Disney pulled the plug in 2022.

Rogue Squadron Is Back With Patty Jenkins Attached

star wars rogue squadron

Now, Jenkins says that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is fueling up for another shot at getting off the runway as she’s in charge of penning the project’s script. Jenkins swapped one project out for another when she left Rogue Squadron to work on what should have been Wonder Woman 3. As we now know, the movie that would have rounded out the Gal Godot-led trilogy would never take flight (at least for now) with James Gunn and Peter Safran’s takeover of DC Studios pushing the upcoming slate in a different direction. 

Jenkins Resuscitated Rogue Squadron Right Before The Strike

After receiving the news that Wonder Woman 3 fell through the cracks, Patty Jenkins began to have second thoughts about the strings she cut loose at Disney for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. With a chunk of time now open in her calendar, she said that she returned to Lucasfilm just before the writers’ strike was called last year. She says that, following the strike’s resolution, she struck a deal with the studio and is diligently working on the film’s script. 

Nothing Set In Stone

star wars rogue squadron

Even though the movement on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is exciting, Patty Jenkins is still quick to say that nothing has been set in stone and a movie hasn’t been confirmed at this time – she’s simply getting a script up and running. Should both she and the studio be happy with the final product, Jenkins said she would be thrilled to helm the production, serving as both the writer and director on the off-shoot. Trying to stay level-headed, she also understands that this is a delicate time for Disney as they need to be very careful about their next moves as far as big screen projects are concerned.

Right Now Lucasfilm Is Focused On Mando

the mandalorian movie

Right now, aside from the update on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, we know that Disney and Lucasfilm are working together on a movie that would see the world of the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, take feature-length form. Titled The Mandalorian & Grogu, the Jon Favreau-directed movie was recently revealed to be eying a production start time later this year.

Jenkins’ Impressive Filmography

Adding a title like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron to her long list of credits would mark another amazing feat for Patty Jenkins who, along with both Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman: 1984, stood behind the critically acclaimed Charlize Theron-led Monster as well as episodes of shows including The Killing, Arrested Development, and Entourage.

Source: Talking Pictures