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galaxy of fear

The Saddest Star Wars Story Secretly Has A Happy Ending

In the Original Trilogy of Star Wars films, the Rancor Keeper is arguably the saddest character of them all. After …

2 weeks ago

Star Wars Canon Used To Have A System That Worked

Star Wars canon before the Disney era was messy. You’ll often hear a newer fan tell an older fan critical …

4 weeks ago

Star Wars Toxic Fans Keep Proving They Are The Worst

Star Wars is understandably one of the most beloved entertainment franchises. It has become one of the pillars of the …

2 months ago

The Acolyte Is The Most Star Trek Thing Star Wars Has Ever Made

Fifteen years ago, J.J. Abrams rebooted Star Trek by making it more like his favorite sci-fi franchise, Star Wars. Now …

2 months ago

star wars the first jedi

How Star Wars’ Most Controversial Director Insulted George Lucas

As you might expect, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has spent a lot of time justifying his storytelling decisions …

2 months ago

star wars george lucas

Star Wars Fans Shouldn’t Care What George Lucas Has To Say

The Cannes Film Festival recently gave Star Wars creator George Lucas an honorary Palme d’Or, the festival’s highest honor. Along …

2 months ago

The Fan Favorite Star Wars Hero Inspired By Roman History

In the animated show Star Wars Rebels, one of the most fascinating characters was Sabine Wren, the unconventional Mandalorian who …

2 months ago

george lucas

George Lucas Gives Strong Criticism Against Star Wars Being All White Men

During a candid conversation at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, George Lucas addressed longstanding criticism of the lack of …

2 months ago

yoda spinoff

The Star Wars Yoda Spinoff Disney Should Be Working On

Few Star Wars characters command the same reverence as Jedi Master Yoda. With his sage wisdom, unparalleled connection to the …

2 months ago

Star wars novelization

How The Star Wars Novelization Confused A Generation And Started An Urban Myth

In 1976, a book titled Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker hit store shelves across America. The book …

2 months ago

wes anderson

Wes Anderson Wanted To Make A Star Wars Movie, And He Still Should

Back in 2012, when LucasFilm was sold to Disney and Star Wars got a whole new burst of galactic energy …

2 months ago

George Lucas midichlorians

How George Lucas Sold The Biggest Star Wars Controversy To Fans

When The Phantom Menace came out, the thing that most upset fans was how midi-chlorians were added to the lore …

3 months ago

the phantom menace

The Phantom Menace Is An Independent Success Worthy Of Celebrating

If you ask most Star Wars fans what went wrong with Episode I, the most common answer will be some …

3 months ago

star wars rpg

Important Star Wars Lore Didn’t Come From The Movies But A Long Forgotten Game

Star Wars may have sprung from George Lucas’s mind, but it took a village to make it a fully realized …

4 months ago

tales of the empire

Star Wars’ Best Villains Return In Epic Tales From The Empire First Look

Star Wars just released the first trailer for its upcoming Tales of the Empire animated series, scheduled to release on …

4 months ago

star wars george lucas

George Lucas Chooses Sides In Disney Executive Showdown

Legendary filmmaker, Star Wars creator, and Disney shareholder, George Lucas has publicly commented on the contentious proxy battle between The …

4 months ago

Greedy Disney Sues Star Wars Fans For Washing Cars

Walt Disney-owned Lucasfilm is taking legal action against a carwash named Star Wash. The lawsuit alleges that the carwash, located …

7 months ago

george lucas luke skywalker star wars scientific american jedi

Lucasfilm Sues Star Wash Company For Plagiarism

In a galaxy not so far away, Star Wash, a Chilean car wash on the outskirts of Santiago, finds itself …

7 months ago

star wars the acolyte plot

Star Wars: The Acolyte – Everything We Know About The Series

Star Wars: The Acolyte will star Amandla Stenberg and Lee Jung-jae, but it hasn’t started production and there is no release date.

9 months ago


Star Wars Reveals How Yoda Remained Hidden From The Empire

The folks at Lucasfilm have finally, 40 years after the release of Return of the Jedi revealed how Yoda was …

11 months ago

Star wars the bad batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Studio Shuts Down, Season 3 Canceled?

Despite the closure of Lucasfilm’s Singapore branch of Industrial Light and Magic, which has been involved in creating several animated …

11 months ago

harrison ford

Indiana Jones 5 Sued For Unbelievably Stupid Reason

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was a financial letdown for Lucasfilm at the box office. To make matters …

11 months ago

star wars plot holes

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Plot Holes We’re Still Mad About 

Even though the Star Wars sequel trilogy has been finished for years now, fans are still debating the many ways …

12 months ago

star wars

Writers Say Being On Strike Is Better Than Writing Star Wars Movies

With August almost halfway over and fall on the way, it’s hard to believe that the Writer’s Guild of America …

12 months ago


Ahsoka Showrunner Says Star Wars Animated Shows Aren’t Required Viewing

Many elements of the popular Disney+ series The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian have been taken directly from …

12 months ago

Lucasfilm Sued Over Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny

Lucasfilm, the production company behind Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, is entangled in a lawsuit over a backpack used …

1 year ago

lando calrissian

Star Wars Lando Series Writer Has No Idea If The Show Will Ever Get Made

The fate of the Star Wars spin-off series about Lando Calrissian remains unclear as its writer has no idea what’s …

1 year ago

comic-con marvel dc

More Major Companies Are Skipping Comic-Con This Year

A whole bunch of studios won’t be appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, Sony, and more.

1 year ago

star wars franchise darth vader luke skywalker mark hamill carrie fisher harrison ford

Only Reason Disney Isn’t Selling Star Wars Is Because It Has No Value?

Disney is too invested to sell Star Wars, making it worthless to any other company.

1 year ago

the mandalorian season 4

The Mandalorian Season 4 Is In Big Trouble, Show Canceled?

Production on The Mandalorian season 4 has come to a halt due to the WGA strike.

1 year ago