The Star Wars Yoda Spinoff Disney Should Be Working On

By Charlene Badasie | Published

yoda spinoff

Few Star Wars characters command the same reverence as Jedi Master Yoda. With his sage wisdom, unparalleled connection to the Force, and distinctive syntax, Yoda has captured the imaginations of fans for generations. However, amid the epic battles and conflicts that define the saga in the faraway galaxy, one chapter of Yoda’s story is begging to be explored in a spinoff – his time on the swamp-covered planet of Dagobah.

The Concept

Home to Yoda during his final years, Dagobah served as a sanctuary from the prying eyes of Imperial forces. It is essentially a forgotten world where the wizened Jedi Master could escape the chaos of the galaxy and commune with the deeper cosmic Force. Disney, which has owned Lucasfilm since 2012, has an opportunity to delve into uncharted territory with a Yoda spinoff that explores his life on Dagobah in the form of a sitcom.

Imagine a limited series that follows Yoda’s adventures on Dagobah, blending elements of comedy, introspection, and spiritual discovery. In this series, viewers would tag along as the Jedi Master navigates the challenges of everyday life on the remote planet, from hunting for food in the treacherous swamps to contending with the eccentric creatures that inhabit its murky waters while he patiently awaits the arrival of Luke Skywalker.

Yoda And Chewie

Surrounded by creatures that emanated the living Force, the Yoda spinoff can chronicle how the Jedi Master learned to harmonize with the natural rhythms of the universe, finding wisdom in the ebb and flow of life itself. The comedy would kick in when Yoda’s solitude is occasionally interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Chewbacca, the loyal Wookiee companion of Han Solo, whose adventures often led him to distant corners of the galaxy.

Begins, The Sitcom Does

It might sound like an unlikely pairing, but Yoda has good relations with the Wookiees. An outline of the series would read as follows: Episode 1, titled “A New Home,” could see Yoda arrive on Dagobah and spend some time setting up the house seen in Return of the Jedi. Episode 2, “Unexpected Guests,” would see Chewbacca crash-landing on Dagobah after a skirmish with Imperial forces, setting the stage for a series of hilarious adventures as Yoda assists in repairing his damaged ship.

Communication Breakdown

yoda lightsaber

In Episode 3, “Swamp Shenanigans,” Yoda and Chewie travel through Dagobah’s treacherous swamps in search of something to help them repair the ship, encountering bizarre creatures and sinkholes along the way. Episode 4, “The Wisdom of the Wookiee,” explores communication challenges as Chewie struggles to understand Yoda’s cryptic teachings about the Force, leading to various comedic misunderstandings.

It Couldn’t be Worse Than Book Of Boba Fett

In Episode 8 of the Yoda spinoff, called “The Circle is Complete,” an aging Yoda chats to Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi about the legacy of the Jedi Order. The series draws to a close as Luke Skywalker arrives on Dagobah for his Jedi training and Yoda decided to test his patience by acting like a crazed swamp creature.

While the idea may not be perfect, it is certainly better than some of the Star Wars content Disney has created recently. It’s an original idea by me, whose name can be found below the headline at the top of this page if anyone from the House of Mouse wants to buy it. I might be biased, but the series has the word “hit” written all over it.

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