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Disney has some of the biggest and most popular titles out there with massive television shows and franchises.

Disney+ has so many great movies and movie franchises. Just take a look at some of the massive names on this platform.

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This Is The Next Star Wars Hero Who Needs Their Own Series

So far, the Disny+ Star Wars shows have drawn inspiration from the movies (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor) and animation (Ahsoka), but …

4 months ago

Characters The MCU Needs To Kill Off

While the MCU helped define an entire era of entertainment, it was only a matter of time before the original …

4 months ago

Disney Is Taking More Money From Customers, Here’s How

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently stated in comments to the press that the company was in worse shape than he …

4 months ago

Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man Makes Crazy Magic Armor To Kill A God

Iron Man and Thor had one of the MCU’s very first hero vs. hero throwdowns in 2012’s Avengers, but they’ve …

4 months ago

loki thor

Marvel Making Huge Changes To All Their TV Shows

Marvel Studios, known for its cinematic prowess in the 2010s, pivoted towards television with the release of WandaVision in January 2021. Since …

4 months ago

loki tom hiddleston

Loki Creators Hoping Fans Ignore Major Controversy

With Disney+ and Marvel’s Loki finally back for its second season, audiences are more than just a little bit excited …

4 months ago


The Hulk’s Most Unbeatable Foe Is Named For Classic Sci-Fi Hero

You may think that the more powerful a comic book adversary is, the more popular they’ll be, but that isn’t …

4 months ago

Tom Holland spider-man

Marvel Replacing Tom Holland As Spider-Man, Confirmed

Tom Holland has been Spider-Man ever since Captain America: Civil War first introduced audiences to the MCU version of the …

4 months ago

hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus Just Did The Unthinkable

This past weekend, Disney re-released the Trick-or-Treat season treat Hocus Pocus—and according to The Numbers, the film made it into …

5 months ago

Loki Is Disney’s Latest Show Under Fire For Using AI?

Sure, audiences are thrilled that Season 2 of Loki is now back on Disney+ to continue the story that first …

5 months ago


Daredevil: Born Again Episode Details Leaked And There’s One Thing Fans Aren’t Happy About

Long before Disney+ was even a twinkle in an executive’s eye, the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded its reach to Netflix …

5 months ago

kang thanos

Marvel’s Kang Will Never Be As Great A Villain As Thanos, Here’s Why

It’s got nothing to do with the controversy regarding the allegation against Jonathan Majors. The overall drop in quality in …

5 months ago

spiderwick chronicles

Canceled Disney Series Revived At Rival Streaming Service

The Spiderwick Chronicles, a series which had been ordered, completed and canceled by Disney+, has been picked up by Roku, …

5 months ago

Don’t Get Excited For Star Wars Skeleton Crew

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is reportedly being delayed to January 2024. The news follows an offhand comment by actor Jaleel White, …

5 months ago

sacha baron cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen Officially Joining Marvel Universe, Role Revealed

Could Borat be coming to the MCU? According to a recent copyright filing, it sure seems so! The filing in …

5 months ago

road to el dorado

The Animated Adventure On Netflix Everyone Thinks Is A Disney Movie

Once upon a time, the only feature-length animated movies shown in theaters were produced by Disney. And even when they …

5 months ago

moon knight mr knight

Moon Knight Almost Starred The Least Likely Avenger

Marvel’s Moon Knight series on Disney+ was already a crowded affair with the main character’s Dissociative Identity Disorder, all but …

5 months ago

Disney Reveals Robot With Radical Emotional Design

Disney brought an adorable, emotive robot to the 2023 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Detroit …

5 months ago

snow white

Disney’s Most Important Movie Is Changing On Disney+

It’s been 100 years since the Disney brothers, Walt and Roy, decided to pave the way for a new kind …

5 months ago

guillermo del toro

Guillermo Del Toro’s Star Wars Movie Focuses On The Best Villain?

We love talking about multiverses over here, and there’s one alternate timeline that we would have loved to see play …

5 months ago

star wars zombies

The Original Star Wars Zombies That Inspired Ahsoka’s Finale

The Ahsoka finale had a lot of cool scenes, but the one involving zombie Stormtroopers easily took the brains—er, cake. …

5 months ago

star wars dark side

Star Wars Is Heading To Network Television

With the bulk of television watching these days going to streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, it’s easy to forget …

5 months ago

tron disney tron ride

Tron Getting Another New Movie? Disney Chief Reveals Amazing Project

Jennifer Lee, the Creative Chief Officer at Disney, has waved her magic wand and greenlit a very special upcoming animated …

5 months ago

marvel broxton

Marvel’s Broxton: What Loki Post-Credits Scene Could Mean For The MCU

The second season of Marvel‘s Loki is finally here, and it introduced a pretty fun Easter egg in the post-credits …

5 months ago

star wars

Disney Using Fake People To Post Positive Star Wars Hype, Say X Users

Say it ain’t so! According to a recent poll conducted by very own Giant Freakin Robot X account, many on …

5 months ago

the black cauldron

The Animated Fantasy On Streaming That Nearly Destroyed Disney

Now known for entrancing and engaging audiences of all ages, Disney’s The Black Cauldron was not a crowd-pleaser when it …

5 months ago

temporal loom

Loki’s Temporal Loom: The Marvel Inspiration Explained

The Loki Season 2 premiere adds a new element to the MCU mythos: the Temporal Loom. Ouroboros (Ke Huy Quan) …

5 months ago


Loki Is Saved, But Who Did It And Why?

Thursday night “Ouroboros,” the Loki Season 2 premiere, debuted on Disney+ and unsurprisingly, the titular trickster god survived the episode’s …

5 months ago

loki season 2 premiere

Loki Season 2 Premiere Review: Underwhelming, Confusing Disappointment

LOKI SEASON 2 PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE The last time we saw Tom Hiddleston play his signature role, we still lived …

5 months ago

moon knight

Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Appearing In Loki Season 2?

Could Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight stop by the TVA to shoot the breeze with Loki? A new clip from Loki …

5 months ago