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Disney has some of the biggest and most popular titles out there with massive television shows and franchises.

Disney+ has so many great movies and movie franchises. Just take a look at some of the massive names on this platform.

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The Worst Marvel Movie Actually Getting A Sequel?

The Eternals 2 may once again be a real possibility, as ComicBook has reported that the sequel is now officially …

4 months ago

charlie cox daredevil

Daredevil: Born Again Starting From Scratch? Directors Say Series Is At Day Zero

Daredevil has gone from the Man Without Fear to the Man Without A Disney Plus Series. New comments from the …

4 months ago

disney speedstorm echo

Mickey Mouse Is Becoming Public Domain But There’s A Catch

In 2024, Disney’s iconic 1928 animated short, Steamboat Willie, featuring the earliest iteration of Mickey Mouse, enters the public domain. While …

4 months ago


Disney CEO Says Company Is Now In “Building” Phase

According to recently minted (and returning) Disney CEO Bob Iger, the company is now entering its building phase. Iger returned …

4 months ago

tom hiddleston loki

Loki Season 3 Canceled Before It Has A Chance?

Is Loki dead…er….again? A recent story in Men’s Health hints that a Loki Season 3 might not be in the …

4 months ago


Disney Confirms Move Away From Theaters, Focus On Streaming

Streaming services have significantly impacted movie theaters, and that impact was particularly accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, theaters and …

4 months ago

doctor who

Doctor Who Spinoff Bringing Back Fan Favorite Doctor

From feature-length to series form, Paul McGann’s Doctor Who will be returning to the TARDIS in one of the show’s …

4 months ago

disney netflix blackface

Netflix In Talks With Disney Over Licensing Major Titles, Streaming Companies Banding Together?

As the battle of the streamers rages on, some are finding ways to leverage their most sought-after content for competitors …

4 months ago

Inside Out 2 Trailer Reveals Maya Hawke As The Most Relatable Emotion

The first trailer for Inside Out 2 has just dropped, and it’s probably the most relatable thing we’ve ever watched, …

4 months ago

disney hulu

Disney+ And Hulu Are Merging Into One App

Sometimes, it feels ironic that Disney created all those amazing cartoons warning us of power-hungry people who won’t stop until …

4 months ago

Disney Prepping Frozen Live-Action Remake, What Won’t They Remake?

Reboots and remakes have been an unavoidable part of cinema over the last decade, but Disney kicked things up a …

4 months ago

Live-Action Little Mermaid Was Supposed To Appeal To Creepy Old Dudes?

Filmmaker Sophia Coppola says she exited the live-action Little Mermaid movie when a Universal Studios executive said the project should appeal to …

4 months ago

Disneyland magic happens

Disneyland And Disney World Attendees Do The Grossest Thing While Waiting In Line

If you’ve ever been to a theme park, then you’re all too familiar with the hours-long winding lines that you …

4 months ago

Disney box office

Disney Tried To Trademark An Entire Holiday

Remember the time Disney tried to trademark a Mexican holiday, causing outrage in the USA’s Mexican-American community? Yeah, that wasn’t …

4 months ago

doctor who spinoff

Doctor Who Finally Reviving Fan Favorite Tradition

Doctor Who fans can start getting into the holiday spirit again, as the return of the show’s traditional Christmas special …

4 months ago


The Marvels Could Spell Disaster For The MCU

Another day, another cry of “The sky is falling!” involving the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels. Despite the first …

4 months ago

showtime paramount

Streaming Costs You More Than Ever And It’s Going To Get Worse

American wallets continue to groan under the yoke of inflation. Unfortunately, they’re about to undergo even more hardship, and from …

4 months ago

Marvel Making Critical Change To Upcoming Superhero’s Powers In The MCU

Marvel has unveiled its latest trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series Echo, which is set to star Alaqua Cox as …

4 months ago

Echo Trailer Reveals First TV-MA Disney Marvel Series, See Violent First Video

Marvel Studios never shies away from unprecedented moves—and their new trailer for Echo, the first Marvel project assigned a TV-MA rating, …

4 months ago

disney hulu

Disney Gaining Full Control Of Hulu, Are They Coming After Netflix?

Disney will take complete control of Hulu, following a deal with Comcast, which had owned a third of the streaming …

4 months ago

gina carano

Gina Carano Destroys Kathleen Kennedy And Star Wars For Censorship

Depending on your personal politics, Gina Carano is either somebody who fumbled the bag big time when she lost her …

4 months ago

brie larson

The Marvels Isn’t Worth Seeing In The Theater

I’ve got nothing against The Marvels. I’m fine with Brie Larson, I liked Captain Marvel, and I had zero problems …

4 months ago

marvel halloween

Best Marvel Halloween Stories

Halloween is here and–unless about 85 percent of modern media is somehow wiped out of existence in the near future–so …

4 months ago

star wars daisy ridley

Daisy Ridley’s New Star Wars Movie Gets A Title

The new Star Wars movie starring Daisy Ridley will reportedly be called Star Wars: A New Beginning. The news comes by way of Star …

4 months ago

the boys

The Boys Universe Does This One Thing Better Than Marvel

Perhaps it’s not a fair comparison considering all the shows and films Marvel’s narrative spans, versus the comparatively young screen …

4 months ago


Canceled Disney Sci-Fi Series Picked Up By AMC, Adapts Classic Adventure Story

Disney+ is one of many streaming companies that has been tightening its belt in the last year, and that has …

4 months ago

Iron Man’s Best Armor Is Absolutely Useless

The very first live-action screen appearance of Iron Man’s fan-favorite Hulkbuster armor proved to be one of the most anticipated …

4 months ago


Thanos Returns In Desperate Attempt To Save Brie Larson’s The Marvels?

When Luke Skywalker uttered the line, “No one’s ever really gone” in The Last Jedi, he might as well have …

4 months ago


Daredevil Pulls New Showrunner And Director From Other Marvel Shows

Deadline reports that the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again series has made a couple of personnel changes that will take the …

4 months ago

Marvel Needs To Bring This One X-Men Character Into The MCU

The 90s were a dark time for comic books; everywhere you looked, superheroes were getting edgier, darker, and more extreme. …

4 months ago