McDonald’s Confirms Huge Marvel Spoiler Thanks To Toys

By Britta DeVore | Published

We can all give McDonald’s a collective and begrudging “thanks a lot” as the fast food chain has seemingly given away a spoiler for 2025’s Marvel flick, Captain America: Brave New World. Jumping ahead of the gun, the burger joint unrolled a new lineup of kids’ meal toys that feature small plush figures of the movie’s leading characters. Right there alongside Captain America and Falcon is a jacked angry-looking dude who is very obviously Red Hulk – a character that hasn’t officially been announced to be appearing in the production.

Unhappy Meals

red hulk

Clearly, McDonald’s didn’t get the memo that Captain America: Brave New World moved its release date (several times, actually), or the chain just doesn’t care and is sticking with the schedule they planned. Initially, Brave New World was set to arrive in cinemas on May 3, 2024, which makes sense considering the plush dolls release. However, it’s not even the first of the month, so the inclusion of Red Hulk still would have been a spoiler unless he’s set to appear in teasers and trailers, which we’re now presuming to be the case.

The Red Hulk

Red Hulk Villain

Red Hulk’s appearance in Captain America: Brave New World has been rumored to be going down since Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross was confirmed to be playing a bigger role in this project than he has in previous movies. Originally played by William Hurt, Harrison Ford took over the character after Hurt’s death a few years back. Thunderbolt had a huge part to play in the creation of the Hulk, which sets the Red Hulk storyline up even more in Brave New World

Captain America And Ross Probably Won’t Get Along

anthony mackie

Aside from his seemingly confirmed appearance as Red Hulk, Ross will play a pivotal role in Brave New World in his regular form as the movie will see him butting heads with Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. Ross has long walked the line between good and bad and with Sam taking over Captain America’s shield, the pair will undoubtedly be locked in a power struggle of sorts. Still, both men want what’s best for the world and the movie promises to see them work together to rebuild the Avengers to the team’s former glory. 

The Cast

Liv Tyler Captain America hulk

So, who can audiences expect to see get in on the action alongside Red Hulk and Captain America? Brave New World will also feature Joaquin Torres aka Falcon (Danny Ramirez) who picked up the superhero’s duties after Sam Wilson picked up the shield and took the oath as Captain America. There will also be super-soldier Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly), with Tim Blake Nelson and Liv Tyler reprising their roles as Samuel Sterns and Betty Ross, respectively. Seeing as how it’s a Marvel film, we can also expect to see some other familiar faces pop in as either recurring characters or in cameo capacities.

Brave New World

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Captain America: Brave New World will harness heavy political undertones and act as the next chapter in the story of Sam Wilson’s quest to find out what being Captain America means to him following the events of the Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. While McDonald’s may be blowing the cover on Red Hulk, we now have just about a full calendar year to speculate on how and when the character will appear in the superhero flick as the title is slated for an arrival on February 14, 2025.