George Lucas Back At Star Wars For New Live-Action Series?

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Could it be? As if in response to the prayers of fans worldwide, George Lucas may return to the Star Wars helm. At least that’s if you believe a former assistant director and second unit director of the original films, Roger Christian, who claims the maestro is set to return for a live-action series. Christian is no amateur—the assistant director possesses an Academy Award for his work on the original film, after all—so many are taking the news, which he shared during an interview with YouTuber Star Wars Theory, seriously. 

Somehow, George Lucas Returned

Star Wars

To hear him tell it, the force is strong when it comes to believing George Lucas is preparing to join the fray yet again to spearhead an installation of the Star Wars franchise he created. In other words, a live-action series may be in the works, potentially involving the legendary filmmaker’s direct input. While Christian couldn’t put his hand on a Bible and swear, he conveyed marked confidence. 

Seen On Disney Sets

“I think he’s coming back,” the Oscar-winner said. “I’m pretty sure, now, that he’s doing a series.”

The assistant director went on to frame his mic-drop analysis as an admittedly partially informed theory and, yes, a little guesswork. However, the key piece of anecdotal evidence is Luca’s recent physical presence on a variety of Star Wars sets. 

Lucas Has Been Supportive Of Disney

george lucas Liam Neeson Star Wars

Devotees of George Lucas’s Star Wars may know this news is not without a more significant and significant context—that of Lucas’s vocal support of The Walt Disney Company amid its fierce proxy fight with investor Nelson Peltz. Of course, Lucas’s sale of Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012 for more than four billion dollars changed the fate of Star Wars forever. While the quality of its newer installments since that sale is undoubtedly up for robust debate, the fact remains Lucas expressed ardent support for Disney’s management, particularly embattled CEO Bob Iger, during the feud with Peltz. 

Praise For Disney Leadership

Star War Damon Lindelof

Stating: “Creating magic is not for amateurs,” George Lucas threw his hat behind Iger, cementing his faith in Disney and their handling of the Star Wars legacy; the filmmaker has also praised Iger for his leadership during these recent, arduous times. 

Maybe Lucas’s recent support of The House of Mouse explains his involvement with a potential streaming series? 

Lucas And Disney Were Combative At First

It would be a major change since Lucas and Disney have not precisely gotten on swimmingly since the former sold the latter the most famous sci-fi brand in broadcasting history. Following the sale, Lucas was notoriously, vocally critical of how Mickey and company handled the Star Wars franchise—with particular criticism reserved for the sequel trilogy. In 2015, interviewed by Charlie Rose, Lucas dubbed Disney “white slavers,” meaning, at least in George Lucas’s mind, that the company had imposed creative decisions on Star Wars without consulting its creator. 

Return Of The Creator

george lucas

To add fuel to the fire, in his memoir The Ride of a Lifetime, Bob Iger revealed that Disney decided against using Lucas’s outlines for three new movies, as the company was not contractually bound to employ the plots. This decision, obviously, led to major creative differences, culminating in Lucas feeling betrayed upon learning that, unfortunately, the new films would dispense with his creative input. 

Despite these grievances, Goerge Lucas’s potential return could signal a new, exciting chapter for Star Wars. 

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