Deadpool & Wolverine Reveals Multiple Deadpool Variants

By Britta DeVore | Published

deadpool & wolverine

Since the first official trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine dropped last month, fans have been giddy speculating what could be awaiting us when the film arrives in theaters on July 26. One of the most important bits of information to come from the premiere teaser was that the Time Variance Authority (TVA), first introduced to the MCU in Loki, would play a big part in the threequel. Now, a piece of promo art is showcasing a multitude of Deadpools, which may prove to be quite the headache for his sidekick, Wolverine.

A Plethora Of Deadpools

deadpool & wolverine

In the poster, we see the latter half of the heroes in Deadpool & Wolverine stand strong in his classic suit with his claws drawn. Below him are five Deadpools with four appearing to be different variations of the one standing in the middle. The lineup includes a Baby-Pool, a presumed Teenage-Pool, Dogpool (who we knew would be appearing in the film), and some sort of bodiless Deadpool propelled by a set of chopper blades affixed to its head.

More Headaches For Logan


If Wolverine thought the original Deadpool was as annoying as they come, we can almost guarantee that he’s in for a brutal headache when he meets these variants – specifically Teenage-Pool who’s sure to be driven by spite and angst. We’d presume that bodiless Deadpool would also be a real pain in the neck X-Men member as he cruises around on his blades of glory in Deadpool & Wolverine.

The Upcoming Threequel

deadpool 3 shatterstar

It’s been six years since Ryan Reynolds last donned the antihero’s costume in the second film in the franchise with Deadpool & Wolverine being a very long time coming. The film will revolve around Wade Wilson aka Deadpool as he tries to enjoy his life following the events of Deadpool 2. From what we saw in the trailer, Wade’s family and friends are celebrating his legendary life at a birthday party when the TVA shows up and throws a wrench in his life of leisure.

The Teaser

Deadpool & wolverine

The teaser foreshadowed tons of action (as is to be expected), timeline jumping, and more than one cameo that we weren’t expecting to see – primarily that of Lewis Tan’s Shatterstar who met a gruesome end in Deadpool 2. While Hugh Jackman’s mutant wasn’t fully unveiled in the first look at Deadpool & Wolverine, his shadow hovering over a downed Deadpool painted a picture of how he’ll enter the MCU.

Time Wimey Deadpool

rayn reynolds deadpool

While it isn’t completely clear what the TVA could want with Wade Wilson in Deadpool & Wolverine, the idea of time travel was a big part of Deadpool 2. This means that there’s a good chance that the rulers of time are ticked off that Deadpool was using the Temporal Dial to undo some of his biggest heartbreaks and mistakes throughout history. 

As we get closer to the summer drop of Deadpool & Wolverine, we can expect more teasers, trailers, and posters like this one to surface, better painting a picture of how the TVA mixes into the threequel’s story. 

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