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tom hanks

Tom Hanks’ Most Iconic Movie Is Climbing The Charts On Netflix

Tom Hanks’ career is full of iconic roles, but one more than any other rose to become part of pop culture and it’s on Netflix now.

11 months ago

john krasinski a quiet place day one

John Krasinski’s Best Series Is Coming To An End

John Krasinski is a busy man, and as such, it is now being rumored that he is set to step down from his best series after this new season is filmed.

11 months ago

Billy Crystal

The Best Team-Up Movie Billy Crystal Ever Did Is Now On Netflix

Billy Crystal has been in plenty of team-up movies through his illustrious career, but now his most famous team-up is currently streaming on Netflix.

11 months ago

jurnee smollett black canary

Black Canary Writer Reveals Surprising Movie Inspiration

Misha Green is the writer for the upcoming Black Canary film, and she showed a surprising image on her social media page that inspired her writing.

11 months ago

Robert Downey Jr

A Forgotten Robert Downey Jr Film Is Burning Up The Charts At Netflix

Robert Downey Jr had a career comeback like no other, but this movie before his fall is burning up the streaming charts on Netflix.

11 months ago

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Has The #1 Movie On Netflix

Matthew McConaughey currently has the number one most-watched movie on Netflix, which arrived in a very strange year for him.

11 months ago

brad pitt

Brad Pitt Was Banned From An Entire Country For A Controversial Movie Now Streaming On Netflix

One of the films that saw Brad Pitt rise to superstardom also got the beloved actor banned for over a decade in a country.

11 months ago

chris evans

See Chris Evans Covered In Blood After Filming Latest Movie

The newest Chris Evans movie is going quite well, and the man decided to show off a behind-the-scenes image of his fresh blood and bruising from the film.

11 months ago

tom hanks

Tom Hanks Plays A Despicable Character In A Fan-Favorite Movie Now On Netflix

Tom Hanks finally succeeded at playing an utterly hateable character in this much-beloved movie now streaming on Netflix.

11 months ago

Netflix account sharing

Netflix Is Facing A Serious Lawsuit Over Allegedly Misleading Statements

Netflix is coming under a lot of fire as of late, and now investors are starting a class-action lawsuit due to important information behind withheld by the company.

11 months ago

Clint Eastwood Paint Your Wagons

An Iconic Clint Eastwood Action Movie Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood action legend and there is perhaps no more iconic role in his long career than this one, streaming on Netflix.

11 months ago

jack black

See Jack Black Return As Beloved Character In New Trailer

Jack Black has played some iconic character, but one his most beloved is set to receive a new series, and the first look is shown in a new trailer.

11 months ago

sylvester stallone rocky

Sylvester Stallone Has The #1 Movie On Netflix

Sylvester Stallone became an overnight star after years of trying and right now he has the number one most-watched movie on Netflix.

11 months ago

brad pitt vampire

Brad Pitt’s Forgotten Breakthrough Is Now Streaming On Netflix

One of Brad Pitt’s earliest breakout star roles is almost entirely forgotten, but you can stream it right now on Netflix.

11 months ago

Johnny depp Amber heard

Johnny Depp’s Creepiest Movie Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Johnny Depp has portrayed many unusual and weird characters, but this movie is at the top of the creep heap and is streaming on Netflix.

11 months ago

denzel washington

Denzel Washington’s Most Critically Hated Movie Is Now On Netflix

Denzel Washington may not have many films that people deem “bad”, but his most critically panned film is now streaming on Netflix.

11 months ago

bruce campbell sam raimi

Sam Raimi’s Most Controversial Film Is Streaming On Netflix´┐╝

Sam Raimi is coming back to comic book movies, but his most controversial movie was in another genre and it’s streaming on Netflix now.

11 months ago

will smith

Will Smith Just Broke An Impressive Record

These aren’t his best days, but he still got a win.

11 months ago

woody harrelson
sylvester stallone

See Sylvester Stallone As A Mob Boss In First Look At His New TV Series

Sylvester Stallone stays plenty busy on his social media presence, and he has given fans a first look as his new role as a mob boss.

11 months ago

harley quinn show

The Best Harley Quinn Character Is Getting His Own Series

An oddball and fan-favorite character from the Harley Quinn show is getting his own spinoff series that will mimic the old 1970s series, Cheers.

11 months ago

johnny depp

The Absolute Best Johnny Depp Performance Is Tearing Up The Streaming Charts

Johnny Depp may be going through one of the worst trials, but his best perfmance in a movie is currently slicing its way through Disney+.

11 months ago

peggy sue got married

Last Chance To Stream Nicolas Cage’s Most Heartwarming Movie

Nicolas Cage may not be thought of as a romantic lead, but he is at his intense best in this heartwarming film about to leave streaming.

11 months ago

Kevin Costner no way out

An Underrated Kevin Costner Drama Is Streaming For Free

This underrated Kevin Costner movie shows that he may be synonymous with a genre, they don’t always succeed (and it’s streaming for free).

11 months ago

nicolas cage ghost rider

Last Chance To Stream The Movie That Turned Nicolas Cage Into An Action Hero

Nicolas Cage was not always known as an action star, and the movie that turned him into one is just about to stop streaming.

11 months ago

tom hanks bonfire of the vanities

Tom Hanks Turned His Career Around With A Movie That Is Now Streaming For Free

Tom Hanks has had his ups and downs in his career like anybody, and this movie pulled him out of a down just to be streaming for free.

11 months ago

mike myers

Mike Myers’ Darkest Movie Is Crushing On Netflix

Mike Myers’ darkest and most difficult to make film is one of the most watched films on Netflix, but we won’t argue with you about it.

11 months ago

cameron diaz bad teacher

An Overlooked Cameron Diaz Movie Is A Hit On Free Streaming

One of Cameron Diaz’s last movies before her current retirement is streaming for free and we encourage you to get to it while you can.

11 months ago

the avengers chris hemsworth

Avengers Getting New Female Superhero?

The MCU is going through quite a change currently, and The Avengers seems to be a broken piece of that. Now it appears as if a new female superhero is set to join the team.

11 months ago

Russell Crowe A Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe’s Best Movie Is Streaming For Free Right Now

It took Russell Crowe a few tries to hit it big in Hollywood, but now his best movie is streaming for free and we are here for it, see?

11 months ago