• streaming [ stree-ming ] noun – a method of transferring content over the internet in a continuous flow to an app or viewing device

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the boys

Homelander Isn’t The Most Dangerous Character In The Boys

For three seasons, Antony Starr’s Homelander has given villains a new standard on Amazon Prime Video’s fan-favorite series, The Boys. …

4 months ago

The Netflix Violent Revenge Thriller Shocks At Every Turn

Ah, revenge thrillers—we all love them; and what’s not to love? They’re riveting, from Oedipus Rex to Kill Bill. And if you’re in …

4 months ago

The Netflix Historical Action Thriller Becomes Fan-Favorite Series

Not to tell you anything you don’t know, but ours is an era oversaturated with franchise and sequel fatigue—especially when …

4 months ago

Netflix Users Must Stream The Best Sci-Fi Action Thriller In Years Before It’s Gone

Netflix has a wide spread of post-apocalyptic science-fiction action films in its catalog, and if you’re new to the genre, …

4 months ago


Netflix Crackdown Spreading To Major Streaming Services

Following the footsteps of streaming giant Netflix, Disney has decided to crack down on password sharing across its streaming services, …

4 months ago

Netflix Fantasy Adventure Series Destroys Harry Potter In Magic

Now streaming on Netflix, The Magicians is a series that centers on magic, much like the Harry Potter series does. …

4 months ago

The Forgotten Sci-Fi Series That Survived For Years After Cancelation

There are many good sci-fi shows, but perhaps none are quite as unique as Defiance, not necessarily because of the …

4 months ago

the laundromat

Netflix Crime True Story Scandal Reminds You Life Isn’t Fair

As any good true crime fan can vouch, Netflix is absolutely flush with some seriously superior titles. Whether it be …

4 months ago

Netflix Cancels Fan Favorite Series, Season 3 Not Happening

Black Summer, a fan-favorite zombie show on Netflix, won’t return for Season 3. The fans expected a low-key, under-the-radar cancellation …

4 months ago


The Most Hated Netflix Documentary Deserves A Second Chance

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster is one of those documentaries that is revered for its masterful storytelling and willingness to …

4 months ago

Stephen King Praises Streaming Crime Thriller, Declares Prestige TV Is Not Dead

The godfather of horror, Stephen King, voiced his praise for the cast performance in Fargo Season 5. The iconic writer …

4 months ago

Tragic Streaming Series Based On Bestselling Novel Tears You Down Before Lifting You Up

The Australian drama The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The seven-episode series is based on the …

4 months ago


Disney+ Medical Thriller Series Perfects The Binge Viewing Formula

It’s been 12 years since the last season of House aired on Fox, but the medical drama following the world’s …

4 months ago

Controversial Thriller Flop Finds Cult Following On Streaming

Showgirls is one of those films that epically failed upon its theatrical release, but has experienced a critical and commercial …

4 months ago

The ’90s Dark Comedy That Also Kills Monsters

The 1992 comedy horror comedy Buffy the Vampire Slayer is available to stream on Max. The movie is directed by Fran Rubel …

4 months ago

the shrink next door

Dark True Story Streaming Series Makes You Question Who You Trust

The 2021 dark comedy-drama The Shrink Next Door is streaming on Apple TV+. Developed by Georgia Pritchett, the eight-episode series revolves around …

4 months ago

peaky blinders

Netflix Crime Thriller Series Will Have You Binging Like Crazy

The past decade or so has widely been regarded as the golden era of premium streaming, especially for long-running television …

4 months ago

The Netflix Crime Thriller Twists And Turns To The Very End

Recently, bad thriller movies have been given a second chance after Netflix picked them up years after their flopped release …

4 months ago

Disney+ Cult Classic Captures The Spirit Of The 90s

Leaping into the realm of awesome, Disney+ (via its Hulu extension) has granted subscribers access to one of the best …

4 months ago


The Netflix Sci-Fi Comedy Rips Off Men In Black With A Marvel Star

It may seem like Ryan Reynolds has been in the zone for the better part of the past three decades, …

4 months ago


80s Icon Brings Star Wars And Star Trek Fans Together

Historically, Star Trek and Star Wars fans have clashed over a variety of matters ranging from which franchise is better …

4 months ago

The Netflix Violent Dark Thriller Plunges Into The Longest Night

Judging by the latest strings of reports regarding forgotten or flopped movies, it would seem that Netflix has a knack …

4 months ago

Twisted Supernatural Thriller Gets VHS Release

Last year’s Suitable Flesh is truly leaning into its ’80s aesthetic by having an official VHS release this coming March. …

4 months ago

Netflix Dark Horror Movie Accidentally Created A Beloved Monster

Successful horror films always have their own unique way of taking on a life of their own after their initial …

4 months ago

Netflix Horror Thriller Series Brings Fan-Favorite 90s Books To Life

The 2022 horror mystery-thriller The Midnight Club is streaming on Netflix. The 10-episode series is based on the 1994 Christopher Pike novel …

4 months ago

many saints of newark

Violent Crime Thriller Brings Back TV’s Greatest Character

Fans of the HBO original series The Sopranos likely know that the show recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the …

4 months ago

inspector gadget

Disney+ Sci-Fi Crime Comedy Revives Fan-Favorite 80s Franchise

The live-action Inspector Gadget movie is now available for streaming on Disney+ for subscribers to the channel. The film stars …

4 months ago

See Michelle Yeoh In Star Trek Section 31 Movie First Image

One of the best parts of Star Trek: Discovery is coming back, as Michelle Yeoh’s Phillipa Georgiu takes center stage …

4 months ago

Disney+ Sci-Fi Mystery Series Still Finds New Fans Decades Later

It’s impossible to overstate The X-Files’s impact on television, not just sci-fi, but the entire medium. From encouraging women to …

4 months ago

The Disney+ Crime Western Series Is 90s Greatest Show

Before The Sopranos came along and helped redefine what was possible on television, Battlestar Galactica allowed sci-fi shows to be …

4 months ago