The Weird Anime About Twins You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

By Nina Phillips | Published


Jyu-Oh-Sei is a story set in the dystopian future after humanity settled into the Balkan star system, located about 150 light-years from Earth. The planets in this system were terraformed to resemble Earth as much as possible, but offer some unique dangers. It’s not a perfect series, but it delivers a unique story

Thor And Rai

The 11-year-old twins Thor and Rai are the main focus of the series. They live on a space colony, called Juno. One day, they come home to find their parents murdered and assassins waiting to take them to a secret planet called Chimaera. 

They have very little to help them survive on this planet. Together they work to try and find who killed their parents, and why they were sent there. But the only way to survive is to become the Beast King and make it off the planet to find their parents’ murderers. 

Good Potential, But Not Enough Time

Overall, this series had a lot of potential. The premise was interesting and dark, and the characters were very well done. They all had flaws and trauma that made them feel so real.

Unfortunately, with only 11 episodes to cover the entirety of the story, there were also a few problems. While the story was never boring, some areas felt too rushed. If the series had been drawn out longer, there would have been time for more explanation and a deeper delve into the trauma all of the characters faced. 

A Lot Is Left To Mystery

Additionally, while the characters did have a lot of depth, there wasn’t a lot to explain why they were like that.

For example, one of Thor’s closest friends later in the series, Third, seems to have a lot of hidden motives, but the explanations for his actions are vague or not very solid. A few more episodes would have done well to really pick apart the characters. 

Of course, it doesn’t help that almost every character is killed off near the end. The manga writer, Natsumi Itsuki, and George R.R. Martin would probably have been great friends, as much as they both enjoyed killing off favorite characters. 

Not A Very Popular Anime


On My Anime List, the Jyu-Oh-Sei has a rating of 7.22, which isn’t bad considering how limited the story is and how much was crammed into 11 short episodes. However, the popularity is lacking, with a ranking of #2524

My sibling and I watched this show years ago, back when I was in high school. Even now, it’s an anime that we remember clearly and comes back to us on occasion. Jyu-Oh-Sei is a rather unique show that stood out amongst other anime of its time, and one that I enjoy going back and watching on occasion. 

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It’s not perfect, but the story is good, and all of the potential surrounding the story sticks with me. It’s not one I’d recommend to a beginner but for someone looking for a series a little outside the normal popular anime out there, Jyu-Oh-Sei deserves a chance. 

If you want to watch this series for yourself, all 11 episodes of Jyu-Oh-Sei are available on Crunchyroll for premium members. Just be ready to pay attention, the story goes pretty fast and you don’t want to miss a minute of it.