Nicolas Cage Serial Killer Thriller Longlegs Gets Rave First Reactions

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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Neon recently hosted a special screening of the upcoming Nicolas Cage movie Longlegs for a carefully selected group of critics. The horror-thriller film, written and directed by Osgood Perkins, has received rave reviews from those in attendance. “Get ready y’all because Longlegs is the real deal,” one person wrote. 

Critics Agree About Longlegs

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“I was so lucky to see Longlegs, and no exaggeration. It could be the best horror film of ’24. Oz Perkins can really get under my skin. This is his masterpiece. [Maika] Monroe gives a fabulously unique lead performance, and Cage? Nightmarish! Maybe the scariest [first] 10 [minutes] ever,” another person said of Nicolas Cage’s Longlegs.

Haunting, Unsettling, And Disturbing

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Other folks at the screening for Nicolas Cage’s Longlegs shared the sentiment, describing the movie as a haunting and intense investigative thriller that unsettles and disturbs audiences. According to the general consensus, the film is characterized by its unrelenting tension and eerie atmosphere, enhanced by a mesmerizing use of colors.

Nicolas Cage As A Serial Killer

Maika Monroe delivers a standout performance, portraying a character filled with pain, while Nicolas Cage’s portrayal adds to the overall discomfort of Longlegs. Alicia Witt’s performance is particularly noteworthy, stealing the show. The film is described as violent, evil, and fiendish, lingering in the minds of viewers long after it’s over.

Critics at the screening praised Perkins for his direction, with Longlegs being hailed as one of his best works so far. Set in 1974, the story follows rookie FBI agent Lee Harker (Maika Monroe), who is tasked with investigating an unsolved case of a serial killer (Nicolas Cage). The investigation becomes more complicated when Harker realizes she has a personal connection to the killer.

Cage Is Almost Unrecognizable

Despite Nicolas Cage being the lead in Longlegs, the movie’s marketing doesn’t highlight his involvement. Even though Cage is known for his success in horror films like Color Out of SpacePig, and Mandy, the trailers and teasers for the upcoming movie barely show him. Even when he does appear briefly in the main trailer, he’s hard to recognize.

Ordinarily, it would make sense to highlight Nicolas Cage since he is one of the lead characters in Longlegs. However, the marketing team opted for a different approach. Instead of giving away too much, its trailers and teasers focus on eerie imagery and unsettling music to create a sense of unease, avoiding typical jump scares and plot reveals.

Arriving This Summer

This mystery is enough to scare people and make them curious to find out more. All the trailers also include weird symbols that suggest the story might have something to do with the occult. By keeping its promotional material so vague, Nicolas Cage’s Longlegs taps into people’s fear of the unknown which tracks with director Perkins’ other works such as The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Gretel and Hansel.

While not all his movies have been hits with critics, they all share a slow-building tension that gets under your skin. Since “Longlegs” is already being marketed as a horror film that’s more about giving you chills than jump scares, Perkins’ skill at creating ominous atmospheres will definitely be a plus. Nicolas Cage’s Longlegs is scheduled for release on July 12, 2024.