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stephen king the dark tower

Stephen King Classic Story Getting Adaptation From Huge Horror Filmmakers

While we wait for more news about the upcoming film adaptation of the fan-favorite novel Salem’s Lot, the legendary horror …

4 days ago

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage Serial Killer Thriller Longlegs Gets Rave First Reactions

Neon recently hosted a special screening of the upcoming Nicolas Cage movie Longlegs for a carefully selected group of critics. The horror-thriller film, …

5 days ago

Nicolas Cage longlegs

Nicolas Cage Serial Killer Thriller Looks Like Creepiest Horror Of The Year, See The Evidence

Nicolas Cage’s latest film, Longlegs, just revealed a pair of incredibly creepy short trailers online. Each trailer follows a similar …

2 weeks ago

Nicolas Cage Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Action Series Is Happening, Here’s Everything We Know

Marvel fans, congratulations: you have a new reason to celebrate. Nicolas Cage himself will reprise his role as Spider-Man Noir—but …

2 weeks ago

Nicolas Cage Is More Unhinged Than Ever In Tense Mystery Thriller

When I first saw the trailer for Nicolas Cage’s Sympathy for the Devil, my first thought was, “Oh man, he’s …

2 weeks ago


Nicolas Cage Gets His Own John Wick In Crazy Crime Thriller

I started to get the shakes and sweats yesterday because it had been almost a full week since I watched …

3 weeks ago

The Darkest And Most Disturbing Nicolas Cage Thriller Gets Rescued And Restored

When it comes to picking out a favorite Nicolas Cage film – the possibilities are endless. The man is a …

4 weeks ago

Nicolas Cage Is A Psychotic Cowboy In Must-See Western On Hulu

Nicolas Cage stars in so many movies that it’s really easy to overlook some of his lesser-known releases, like 2022’s …

1 month ago

Nicolas Cage Returns For Highly Anticipated Sci-Fi Sequel

Fans of Nicolas Cage are up for anything: a Wicker Man reboot that’s unintentionally hilarious or a Charlie Kaufman project like Adaptation in which …

1 month ago

The Nicolas Cage Completely Bonkers Video Game Rip-off You Need To See

Die-hard Five Nights at Freddy’s fans will be quick to point out that Willy’s Wonderland is a complete ripoff of …

1 month ago

Tom Cruise Joins Godzilla In Winning Prestigious Award

Actor Tom Cruise and the fictional giant lizard Godzilla both emerged as winners at the 40th annual Critics Choice Super …

2 months ago

nicolas cage matchstick men

Nicolas Cage Underrated Comedy Thriller Deserves More Recognition, One Of His Best Movies

It’s an absolute shame that Nicolas Cage’s Matchstick Men is nowhere to be found on streaming, and that I have …

2 months ago


The ’80s Apocalyptic Thriller Will Tear Your Heart Into Pieces, Stream Right Now Without Netflix

If you’re looking for a movie that combines romance and the apocalypse and features a heart-breaking storyline, then the 1988 …

2 months ago

vampire's kiss

Freaky 1980s Horror Comedy Is The Craziest Vampire Movie Of All Time, Stream Immediately

Nicolas Cage has famously described his over-the-top acting style as “Nouveau Shamanic,” and he takes great pride in letting go …

2 months ago

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage Sounds Done With Superheroes And We Can’t Blame Him

During his incredible and – quite frankly – legendary career, Nicolas Cage has appeared in every genre and subgenre under …

2 months ago

Nicolas Cage’s ‘Arcadian’ Called Must-See Sci-Fi Horror

Nicolas Cage may not be the actor we need, but—hey—he’s the actor we deserve. In all seriousness, his latest film, …

2 months ago

Nicolas Cage New Sci-Fi Horror Arcadian Full Of Tension In Creepy Trailer

Nicolas Cage has long been recognized as one of the toughest hustlers in the industry, never one to turn down …

3 months ago

Nicolas Cage Revenge Thriller Gives Taken A New Spin

There’s nothing quite like a Nicolas Cage revenge plot, and 2014’s Rage (titled Tokarev overseas) is one of those films …

3 months ago

the bag man

John Cusack R-Rated Crime Thriller Keeps The Mystery Hot To The End

If you thought that Nicolas Cage was the only A-list actor who spent a considerable amount of time occupying direct-to-video …

3 months ago

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage Anticipated Sequel Adds To Cast And We Can’t Wait

Nicolas Cage’s sequel to the excellent 2005 crime thriller Lord of War is aptly entitled Lords of War, and fans should be happy …

3 months ago

dog eat dog

Bill Skarsgard Arrested In Sweden Airport

Actor Bill Skarsgard was recently revealed to have been arrested at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. Though the arrest occurred …

3 months ago

nicolas cage

The Nicolas Cage R-Rated Streaming Thriller Delivers His Best Performance Ever

If you’ve ever had your doubts about Nicolas Cage’s ability to deliver a heartfelt performance without his usual signature bouts …

3 months ago