Stephen King Classic Story Getting Adaptation From Huge Horror Filmmakers

By Britta DeVore | Published

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While we wait for more news about the upcoming film adaptation of the fan-favorite novel Salem’s Lot, the legendary horror author has another piece making its way to the big screen. Stephen King’s The Monkey is officially receiving a well-deserved feature-length makeover courtesy of Longlegs director Osgood Perkins and Saw franchise creator James Wan. After what was a tumultuous bidding war between several studios, NEON picked up the rights to the project after a promo screened at Cannes sent buyers into a tizzy.

The Monkey Is Terrifying

If you’re a Stephen King fan who doesn’t recognize the title The Monkey, that’s because the haunting story of the titular toy doesn’t appear in a standalone cover-to-cover book like The Shining or Carrie but instead can be found in the 1985 collection of shorts titled Skeleton Crew. Other favorites like The Mist, Survivor Type, and The Reach can also be found in the same binding, making it a standout classic all on its own.

An Incredible Cast

tatiana maslany

Boasting an all-star cast including Theo James (The White Lotus), Tatiana Maslany (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law), Elijah Wood (the Lord of the Rings trilogy), Christian Convery (Sweet Tooth), and more, it’s no head-scratcher why Stephen King’s The Monkey was fought over at the international film festival.

As mentioned, the movie will be the latest production under the visual eye and tone of Osgood Perkins who will soon celebrate the arrival of the Nicolas Cage-led horror flick, Longlegs. Perkins, who also penned The Monkey’s screenplay, is also behind such titles as The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Gretel & Hansel.

Two Brothers Haunted By A Monkey Toy

While Perkins’ adaptation may deviate from the original Stephen King book (specific plot details have yet to be released), The Monkey tells the story of twin brothers Hall and Bill who uncover a toy monkey owned by their father when looking around the attic.

When the monkey is unveiled from its resting place, a string of bizarre deaths begins to unfold, leading the brothers to toss the toy out. Years down the line, both men are living their own separate lives but when the deaths pick back up, they’re forced to join forces and fully demolish the monkey before it can claim another life.

Much Shorter Than Other King Stories

Not only does this mark the latest Stephen King story to make it into the Hollywood circle, but The Monkey serves as the newest short story to nab an on-screen telling. Last year, filmmaker Rob Savage brought audiences the chilling feature-length version of The Boogeyman, and soon, Mike Flanagan will do the same with The Life of Chuck.

Sure, we love the classic lengthier pieces like It, Doctor Sleep, and Pet Sematary, but it’s nice to see those shorter classics receiving their time in the spotlight as well. 

From The Director Of Longlegs

nicolas cage

As of right now, NEON hasn’t set a specific release date for their release of Stephen King’s The Monkey but audiences won’t have to wait too long as a 2025 window has been announced. In the meantime, you can get a taste of Osgood Perkins’ directorial style when the Nicolas Cage and Maika Monroe (It Follow) starrer, Longlegs, creeps into cinemas on July 12.