Nicolas Cage Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Action Series Is Happening, Here’s Everything We Know

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Marvel fans, congratulations: you have a new reason to celebrate. Nicolas Cage himself will reprise his role as Spider-Man Noir—but this time in a live-action series. MGM+ and Amazon Prime Video officially ordered the upcoming project, compellingly and merely titled Noir, which should be an exciting expansion of the Marvel universe, initiating it into grittier, more stylized territory. 

Amazon declared the acquisition ahead of its upfront presentation to advertisers in New York. While Noir has been developing for over a year, Cage’s involvement was unconfirmed until recently. 

Cage Is Back As Spider-Man Noir

Vernon Sanders, who heads the television department at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed his excitement about augmenting the Marvel universe through the series, dubbing it a “uniquely special opportunity.” To hear Sanders tell it, Nicolas Cage is the perfect pick for a superhero lead, as Spider-Man Noir. Behind the camera, the project’s production team includes top Sony talent, Phil Lord and Amy Pascal, who helped shape Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Of course, fans loved Cage’s previous portrayal of Spider-Man Noir in the animated film mentioned above—and so did critics: the movie earned an Academy Award. Doubtlessly, Marvel devotees will be especially thrilled with Spider-Man Noir’s first-ever live-action depiction. 

The Plot

spider-man variant

The project’s official logline is nothing if not intriguing, revealing that Noir will chart the tale of a has-been private investigator, one not getting any younger and beset by bad luck in New York City circa the 1930s. Formerly the Big Apple’s lone superhero, Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man Noir must now “grapple with his past life.” Expect a narrative fusing old-school noir aesthetics with superhero action thrills.

Nic Cage In Television

Nicolas Cage

Excitingly, Cage’s upcoming contribution to the Marvel project will be his first regular television role. Of course, the actor is a household name, known and loved for his diverse filmography; Cage nabbed an Academy Award for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas before earning another nomination for his work playing twin brothers in the excellent Charlie Kaufman-penned Adaptation. 

The actor is also known for roles in MoonstruckRaising Arizona, and Face/Off, as well as franchises like National Treasure and Ghost Rider. 

Sony’s Spider-Verse Grows

Nicolas Cage’s forthcoming Spider-Man Noir project is the second Sony-Marvel series greenlit by Amazon. It follows the streaming giant’s announcement of Silk: Spider Society, shepherded by notable showrunner Angela Kang. Sony currently controls more than 900 characters associated with the Spider-verse.

Given Sony’s enormous sway over the universe, one can be forgiven for expecting more exciting Sipder-Man-related projects to come. 

Indeed, Sony’s fruitful collaboration with Marvel Studios already engendered a slew of successful films starring Tom Holland as Spider-Man, in addition to live-action movies such as Venom and the subsequent Let There Be Carnage. To be fair, though, the related Madame Web was panned widely.

Coming To Amazon Prime Video

spider-man noir

Beyond the Into the Spider-Verse production team mentioned above, Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man show, Noir, will benefit from the co-showrunner and executive production skills of Oren Uziel and Steve Lightfoot. As of now, the first two episodes are slated to be directed by Harry Bradbeer, who is also lending executive production chops.  

Vaulted by Cage’s live-action television debut and the combined talents of a powerhouse production squad, the series should ensure a compelling, darker version of the Spider-Man mythos. Premiering on MGM+’s linear channel prior to a worldwide debut on Prime Video, the project is certainly one to pay attention to. 

Source: Variety 

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