Spider-Man movies and franchise news
  • Created By: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
  • Debut: August 1962
  • Owner: Sony
  • Tagline: With great power comes great responsibility.

Spider-Man has gone through three different movie iterations in the last couple of decades and there’s been some work on the small screen as well. With the character still alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Sony’s franchise of characters still coming, there’s plenty to explore where our favorite Web-slinger is concerned.

On the big screen, we’ve seen three different versions of Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland all playing Peter Parker through the years. The three even teamed up in the epic Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Plus, we’ve seen tons of villains come along throughout this time as well.

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venom 3

Sony Is Wasting Marvel’s Best Villains

Like many other fans, I think the greatest weakness of Marvel movies is their forgettable antagonists. While some of that …

1 week ago

Spider-Man Noir Series Casts Iconic Actor Alongside Nicolas Cage

Amazon’s upcoming Spider-Man Noir series has added Brendan Gleeson to the cast list. Reports indicate that Gleeson will be playing …

1 week ago

wolverine vampires

Hugh Jackman Is Wolverine In The MCU Moving Forward?

Marvel fans believed they had been forced to say their goodbyes to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine when his character died …

2 weeks ago

deadpool & wolverine

Deadpool And Wolverine Isn’t The MCU Team-Up Fans Need To See

With Deadpool & Wolverine coming out later this month, there’s plenty of excitement about seeing the characters finally interacting. While …

2 weeks ago


1980s Sci-Fi B-Action Thriller With Future Star Exists Thanks To Spider-Man And He-Man

Cannon Films is one of the most notorious movie studios in history. The studio’s business model was to overpromise and …

2 weeks ago


Florida Batman Is A Hero To Children In Need

By now, we’ve all become inundated with endless scenes of masked vigilantes on our television and film screens, saving humanity …

3 weeks ago

dakota johnson

Madame Web Star Wants Another Superhero Shot

Sony has been having it tough with their attempts at superhero movies other than Spider-Man. Morbius became nothing more than …

3 weeks ago

Netflix Gets The Greatest Superhero Trilogy Of All Time

These days, superhero fatigue has fully settled in to crowds all over the world, leaving franchises like Marvel and DC …

3 weeks ago

Vincent D’onofrio Delivers Crushing Crossover News For Marvel Spider-Man Fans

Everyone was ecstatic when Vincent D’Onofrio appeared as the villainous Kingpin in Hawkeye, making his debut in the MCU and …

1 month ago

Disney Has The Perfect VS Movie For Marvel

I, like many of you, watched yesterday’s Nintendo Direct to see the newest old games the company would try to …

1 month ago


Bad News For American Residents Who Don’t Like Spiders

If you’re among the 3-15 percent of the population suffering from arachnophobia, we’ve unfortunately got some horrible news for you, …

2 months ago

Tom Hardy Venom 3

Venom 3 Gets Tom Hardy Riding Symbiote-Possessed Horse: See The First Huge Reveal Trailer

If you’ve ever wanted to see Tom Hardy turn an innocent horse into a black symbiote-possessed monstrosity, galloping furiously with …

2 months ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Turns Fan Favorite Superhero Into Horror Nightmare

Long before Mark Ruffalo debuted as Bruce Banner in the MCU, Hulk leaned into the iconic character’s horror elements. Directed …

2 months ago

superhero costumes

The Best Spider-Man Director Ripped Off Superman Every Step Of The Way

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy steals from the first three Superman films starring Christopher Reeve. It’s an almost certainly intentional move …

2 months ago

spider-man 3

Worst Spider-Man Movie Ruined Peter Parker’s Character

I don’t usually need to work hard to find someone who agrees with my opinion that 2007’s Spider-Man 3–the final …

2 months ago

marvel cinematic universe

How Sony Accidentally Created The MCU

At this point, it is safe to say that the MCU has firmly established itself as the most successful film …

2 months ago


Marvel Television Exposes The Big MCU Lie

Disney recently announced that it’s bringing back the Marvel Television banner to let fans know that they can “jump in …

2 months ago

spider man animated series

Marvel Has A Spider-Man Animated Series Problem

Ever since X-Men ’97 got announced, fans have been unable to resist asking if that meant we might also be …

2 months ago

The Spider-Man Captain America Crime Sci-Fi Thriller Rip-off So Crazy It Has To Be Seen

Over the years, the 1973 Turkish movie 3 Dev Adam gained notoriety for its strange take on popular superheroes. Directed by T. …

2 months ago

Spider-Man Spinoff Series Canceled At Amazon

The Amazon Spider-Man spin-off series Silk: Spider Society is officially off the table. It’s possible that the series could find …

2 months ago

Willem Dafoe Green Goblin Spider-Man

Superhero Movies Need To Steal Sam Raimi’s Approach To Villains

As a fan of superhero movies and director Sam Raimi, naturally, I love his entries in the genre. Looking at …

2 months ago

Nicolas Cage Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Action Series Is Happening, Here’s Everything We Know

Marvel fans, congratulations: you have a new reason to celebrate. Nicolas Cage himself will reprise his role as Spider-Man Noir—but …

2 months ago

Spider-Gwen Live-Action Blockbuster In The Works?

For better or for worse, Sony continues trying to create successful movies based on heroes and villains associated with Spider-Man. …

2 months ago

tom holland

Tom Holland Original Spider-Man Costume Rediscovered By Fans

Tom Holland made his big screen debut as Spider-Man in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. While everyone has their own …

2 months ago

Spider-Man 4 Must Redeem The Most Underrated Villain In The MCU Series

Anyone who has watched season two of Fargo knows that Bokeem Woodbine is an incredible actor. When he was cast …

3 months ago

The Best Marvel MCU Blockbuster Is Not An Avengers Entry

These days, the MCU seems to be struggling to recapture the magic it once held, with outings such as Ant-Man …

3 months ago

amazing spider-man 2

The Best Spider-Man Movie Just Made Bank At The Box Office

In the world of Marvel, Peter Parker is a character who is famously unlucky, and even when Black Cat isn’t …

3 months ago

clue movie

A Clue Spider-Man Crossover Movie Is Now Possible

Long before Barbie became a billion dollar adaptation of a toy turned into a feature film, Hasbro wowed audiences far …

3 months ago

spider-man 4

Tom Holland Reveals Spider-Man 4 Involvement Is Greater Than Ever

Since the success of 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been desperate for any information about a fourth movie …

3 months ago