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The Batman Is Better Off Without A Part 2

It is no secret that we are in a dark period for superhero movies right now. The DCEU has finally …

1 month ago

The Creator Of Batman Thought The Worst Actor Was The Best Batman

Batman co-creator Bob Kane claimed George Clooney was the best Batman.

10 months ago

The Fakest Looking Fights Ever Seen In Movies

The worst movie fight scenes come from films like Mortal Kombat: Annihaliation, and both Street Fighter films.

11 months ago

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George Clooney Is In The Flash As Batman

A George Clooney cameo has been added to The Flash.

1 year ago

Alicia Silverstone’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked

Alicia Silverstone’s best movies include Clueless, Blast from the Past, and True Crime

1 year ago

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Mr. Freeze Deserves To Finally Be In A Great Batman Movie

Mr. Freeze is Batman’s most nuanced and tragic villain, but has never gotten a great feature film portrayal.

1 year ago

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The Batman Movie That Used Spare Parts To Make Its Superhero Costumes

The silver suits worn at the end of Batman & Robin were hurriedly created out of spare parts from Batman Forever.

1 year ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shot An Entire Movie Without Ever Meeting His Co-Stars

Arnold Schwarzenegger never spoke a line to his costars in Batman & Robin because he usually wasn’t on set during their scenes.

1 year ago

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See George Clooney Claim That He Is The Best Batman

George Clooney recently joked to a crowd that people know him as “the best Batman ever.”

2 years ago

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is The Only One Who Really Gets Batman & Robin

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still proud of his performance in Batman & Robin and for good reason: he knew what he was doing.

2 years ago

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The Worst Batsuit Is Up For Auction

Who’s going to buy it?

2 years ago

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See Dave Bautista As DC’s Bane

Dave Bautista looks born to play Bane in this new image!

2 years ago

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George Clooney Reveals The Brutal Reason He Isn’t In The Flash

George Clooney’s honest reason for not playing Batman again is harsh and hilarious.

3 years ago

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Names The Best Director He’s Worked With And It’s A Fellow Actor

Making his first feature film appearance in 1981’s The Dark End of the Street, Ben Affleck’s worked with a long …

3 years ago


Exclusive: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Will Set Up Mr. Freeze

We’ve exclusively learned that The Batman will be setting up Mr Freeze for the sequels.

3 years ago

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In Defense Of Batman & Robin: It’s Actually Good

Batman & Robin represents a turning point in superhero cinema.

4 years ago