Exclusive: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Will Set Up Mr. Freeze

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago


Recently, we’ve been learning details about the expanded universe for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. They all suggest that while this story will be on Earth-Two, and therefore not in the same universe as Justice League, this movie will be more than just a one-off for DC. The Batman may be the start of a long saga where we’ll see new versions of some of the fan-favorite characters who live in Gotham. Now, we’ve exclusively learned huge details about where they’re going for the sequels. Our trusted and proven sources have shared that The Batman will be teasing Mr. Freeze for sequels. Before we get there, Riddler will be changing the landscape, setting up sequels promising to be unlike other Batman movies we’ve seen before.

So far, promos for The Batman have shown that while Catwoman and The Penguin will be involved, the main villain for the first movie will be Riddler, played by Paul Dano. Our source shared huge news for what Riddler will be up to. At the end of The Batman, Riddler will flood Gotham City. It will then turn into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. This detail seems to be pulled directly from the comics, particularly Batman: Year Zero. This was a crossover event for DC Comics in 2013. In the comics, Batman was believed to be dead after the flood, though our source didn’t share anything about Bruce Wayne’s fate. Our source did share that the ending would tease a future Mr. Freeze for the sequels. And, on top of all that, our source shared that The Batman franchise will have its own Deathstroke.

Mr. Freeze The Batman

There is a lot to unpack and be excited about here. Our source didn’t share what Mr. Freeze will do with a flooded Gotham, but it sounds like the kind of landscape he would thrive in. Mr. Freeze first appeared in the comics in 1959, but he got more of a backstory in Batman: The Animated Series, which we saw continued when he was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger for Batman & Robin. Mr. Freeze was a scientist trying to cure his wife’s illness when he accidentally lowered his own body temperature and become a superpowered villain with a penchant for freezing things. A flooded world is a world he can easily freeze, so combining the flood event from Riddler’s past in the comics and turning it into an introductory event for Mr. Freeze makes perfect sense.

As for Deathstroke, we don’t know enough yet to really speculate on what his part will be, but it’s very exciting to see him mentioned. This suggests that DC is really working to build out the universe for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, and that means we may be seeing more series spinoff from this one. Deathstroke is also known as Slade Wilson and has been an adversary for Batman in the comics. In one storyline, he takes control of Robin’s body and attempts to kill Bruce Wayne. Eventually, this backfired on him. The introduction of so many villains does make it seem like eventually, they may plan on introducing a Robin for Robert Pattinson’s character. A sidekick would help him face off against Deathstroke, Mr. Freeze. The Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler. Of course, that’s only speculation.

At this point, we know that the people at DC are looking ahead for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, and that is truly exciting. Hopefully, this first movie will live up to the audience’s expectations and prove to be an exciting beginning to everything they’re working to set up.