The Dark Knight

The Best Batman Movie Is Also The Most Underrated

Arguing about which Batman movie is the best is a bit like debating which version of Robin was Bruce Wayne’s …

1 day ago

The Dark Knight Rises Original Villain Confirmed By Writer

The Dark Knight Rises almost included an appearance by the Riddler. The revelation was made by Jonathan Nolan during an appearance …

2 weeks ago

cillian murphy

Cillian Murphy Leads Blood Runs Coal True Crime Movie Adaptation

Hot off his Oscar-winning run as the titular father of the atomic bomb in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy has …

4 weeks ago

christian bale the flash batman

How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman?

While Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Batman trilogy of films presented the story of the Dark Knight in a much more grounded …

2 months ago

Gary Oldman Shocks Fans With Reveal That Blockbuster Movies Saved Him

Gary Oldman is recognized around the world as one of the most established actors of our time. Nabbing awards including …

4 months ago

Anne Hathaway Talks Spider-Man 4 Casting And Her DC Past

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) almost had to find a different Catwoman, and it’s all Sam Raimi’s fault. As Super …

4 months ago

The Most Heartbreaking DC Movie Moments

DC films do not always hit the mark, but in many cases, they strike straight through the heart. Over the …

7 months ago

The Best Superhero Origin Movie Ever Is Streaming On Netflix

In a landscape saturated with superhero flicks, there emerges a beacon of ingenuity and raw narrative power that arguably set …

8 months ago

christian bale star wars

The Greatest Superhero Trilogy Ever Is Returning To Theaters

With Christopher Nolan burning up the box office with his latest mega-feature, Oppenheimer, there’s never been a better time for …

8 months ago

Barbie Defeats The Dark Knight At The Box Office

Barbie has surpassed The Dark Knight in terms of domestic box office earnings. According to Variety, Greta Gerwig’s movie earned $537.5 million, slightly more …

8 months ago

You Can Now Own The Real Batpod From The Dark Knight

The Batpod from The Dark Knight is being sold at auction.

11 months ago

best supervillain

7 Best Supervillains In Superhero Movies

These are the best (and worst) supervillains ever seen in superhero movies.

12 months ago

keanu reeves the matrix

Most Iconic Movie Costumes Of All Time

The greatest movie costumes of all time come from Star Wars, Back to the Future, and The Matrix.

12 months ago

10 Sequels That Were Better Than The First Movie

Sequels that were better than the first movie include Dark Knight, Toy Story 2, and The Empire Strikes Back.

12 months ago

Best Movie Scenes Involving Fire

The best fire scenes in movies come from Die Hard With A Vengeance, The Towering Inferno, and The Dark Knight.

12 months ago

opening scenes

10 Best Opening Scenes In Movie History

These movies have the best opening scenes ever.

1 year ago

liam neeson star wars

Liam Neeson Won’t Return To His Best Role

Liam Neeson says he has no interest in returning to the role of Ra’s al Ghul in a Batman movie.

1 year ago

steven spielberg jaws

Steven Spielberg Says The Best Superhero Movie Should Have Won Oscar

Steven Spielberg thinks The Dark Knight should have been nominated for Best Picture back in 2008.

1 year ago

matt damon

Matt Damon Was Originally Cast As The Best Batman Villain

Matt Damon was initially cast as Two-Face in The Dark Knight but turned down the role.

1 year ago

ezra miller the flash dc

Ezra Miller Is Being Compared To Christian Bale

Ezra Miller’s The Flash is being compared to The Dark Knight.

1 year ago

jonathan majors

Jonathan Majors’ Favorite Superhero Movie Isn’t From Marvel

In spite of being one of Marvel’s next big villains, Jonathan Majors believes The Dark Knight is one of the greatest films ever made.

1 year ago

cillian murphy

Batman Director’s First Oppenheimer Trailer Delivers Atomic Energy

Cillian Murphy stars as the titular physicist in the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

1 year ago

heath ledger christian bale

Heath Ledger Had A Massive Problem With Christian Bale During Filming

Heath Ledger had difficulty playing a fictional version of Christian Bale’s character in the movie I’m Not There.

1 year ago

ezra miller the flash dc
worst batman

Christian Bale Ridiculed Over Batman Performance

Who’s laughing now?

2 years ago

batman forever

The Most Controversial Batman Movie Is Rising The Ranks On Netflix

All Batman movies have some controversy, but the biggest one of them all is currently one of the most-watched movies on Netflix.

2 years ago

christian bale st

Fans Can Watch The Dark Knight In Bruce Wayne’s House

The Dark Knight is one of the most important comic book films, and now fans can watch the film inside Bruce Wayne’s house.

2 years ago

christian bale knight of cups

Two Of Christian Bale’s Best Movies Just Hit Netflix

Not one, but two Christian Bale flicks are streaming now on Netflix!

2 years ago