Tom Holland

tom holland
  • Born: June 1, 1996
  • Birthplace: London, England
  • Known For: Spider-Man

The Sci-Fi Drama From Hit Debut Director Doesn’t Deserve To Be Forgotten

Shane Carruth is arguably one of the most underrated directors of the 2000s and 2010. While his debut feature, Primer, …

1 week ago

Nicolas Cage Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Action Series Is Happening, Here’s Everything We Know

Marvel fans, congratulations: you have a new reason to celebrate. Nicolas Cage himself will reprise his role as Spider-Man Noir—but …

2 weeks ago

Spider-Gwen Live-Action Blockbuster In The Works?

For better or for worse, Sony continues trying to create successful movies based on heroes and villains associated with Spider-Man. …

2 weeks ago

tom holland

Tom Holland Original Spider-Man Costume Rediscovered By Fans

Tom Holland made his big screen debut as Spider-Man in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. While everyone has their own …

2 weeks ago

Zendaya In Challengers Is Doing Something Truly Incredible

Challengers, in theaters now, is a surprisingly good movie for one centered around a sport that is not all that …

3 weeks ago

The Best Marvel MCU Blockbuster Is Not An Avengers Entry

These days, the MCU seems to be struggling to recapture the magic it once held, with outings such as Ant-Man …

4 weeks ago

spider-man 4

Tom Holland Reveals Spider-Man 4 Involvement Is Greater Than Ever

Since the success of 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been desperate for any information about a fourth movie …

1 month ago

Tom Holland Attacked For Romeo & Juliet Performance

With the release of James Lloyd Company’s Romeo & Juliet cast a week ago, many people have grown angry at …

2 months ago

Tom Holland Madame Web Appearance Revealed And We Can’t Believe It

Would an appearance from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man make Madame Web better? Probably not, but it apparently was something that could …

2 months ago

tom holland tarzan

Tom Holland Ripped Apart By Fans Over Latest Casting Rumors

Tom Holland has come into the crosshairs of fans the world over following an announcement that the actor has been …

2 months ago

tobey maguire spider-man

Tobey Maguire Is The Best Spider-Man, Give Him One Last Sequel

When it comes to Spider-Man news, everyone is understandably talking about Tom Holland and what might be happening with his …

2 months ago


Marvel Needs To Bring One Legacy X-Men Actor To The MCU

Deadpool & Wolverine would be the perfect opportunity for Marvel Studios to bring back actress Dafne Keen as X-Men character Laura Kinney/X-23. Unlike …

2 months ago

Euphoria Season 3 Getting Canceled Just Helped Spider-Man 4?

According to a recent write-up in Tech Radar, Marvel’s Spider-Man 4 could be coming to market much sooner than previously …

2 months ago

Spider-Man 4 Gets Star Trek Director And Starts Shooting In Just A Few Months?

Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin is reportedly in the running to direct Spider-Man 4, with plans underway for production to begin in …

2 months ago

True Crime Thriller Series Delves Into Depths Of The Human Mind

The 2023 psychological thriller The Crowded Room is streaming on AppleTV+. Created by Akiva Goldsman, the 10-episode series is loosely based on …

2 months ago

andrew garfield spider-man marvel

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Returning But With A Catch

Marvel Studios answered the call of being the real heroes with 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home after the film brought …

3 months ago

Donald Glover Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse Appearance Is Crazier Than You Thought

Donald Glover’s brief appearance in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was an all-time great cameo, but surprisingly, the directors planned the …

3 months ago


Spider-Man 4 In Serious Trouble Because Of Sony Relationship With Kevin Feige

Since December 2021, fans of the Marvel cinematic universe have been excited about the production of the latest film featuring …

3 months ago

tom holland spider-man 4

Tom Holland Didn’t Get Marvel Bonus Because Of Tom Hollander

Hollywood is filled with actors and actresses whose names sound dangerously close to one another. Take James Marsden and James …

4 months ago

Madame Web Continues To Surprise Fans With Another Unexpected Revelation

Madame Web continues to surprise fans with every new piece of information Sony releases about the film. The upcoming movie …

4 months ago

tom holland spider-man 4

Replacing Tom Holland Will Save Spider-Man

When people think of Spider-Man, they think of the high-school/college student who’s struggling to pay his bills, keeping his identity …

4 months ago

tom holland

Tom Holland Spider-Man Movies Are The Best For One Big Reason

Marvel and DC Studios have been pummeling us with superhero movies for the better part of two decades, and given …

5 months ago

The Tom Holland Dark Netflix Thriller That Will Have You Biting Your Nails With Tension

Tom Holland may be most well-known for portraying our favorite web-slinger, and the awkward teenager beneath the Spider-Man suit, Peter …

6 months ago

spider-man freshman year

Spider-Man: Freshman Year – Is Tom Holland Returning?

Spider-Man: Freshman Year will air on Disney+ and will be in an alternate timeline from the Tom Holland Homecoming version of the character.

Tom Holland spider-man

Marvel Replacing Tom Holland As Spider-Man, Confirmed

Tom Holland has been Spider-Man ever since Captain America: Civil War first introduced audiences to the MCU version of the …

8 months ago

bill skarsgard

The Bill Skarsgard Psychological Crime Thriller Streaming On Netflix

Bill Skarsgård can definitely do creepy. In a chilling landscape where sinister characters and intertwining destinies carve out a tale …

9 months ago

crowded room tom holland

Tom Holland Failed His Star Wars Audition For The Most Adorable Reason

These days, Tom Holland is best known for his work with Marvel, bringing in nearly $4 billion in box office …

10 months ago

The Best Movies Streaming In Netflix’s Secret High Brow Horror Category

When it comes to streaming, Netflix pretty much has this whole thing solved with a little something for basically every …

10 months ago

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Uncharted 2 With Tom Holland In The Works

Buckle up for a sequel to the 2022 hit movie Uncharted, featuring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, because it looks …

10 months ago