Tom Holland Ripped Apart By Fans Over Latest Casting Rumors

By Jason Collins | Published

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Tom Holland has come into the crosshairs of fans the world over following an announcement that the actor has been cast as the lead role in the upcoming Danny Phantom live-action adaptation for Paramount+. Fans feel that a 27-year-old Spider-Man star might be a bit too old to portray a 14-year-old fan-favorite character.

Start As Spider-Man

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Tom Holland was just 18 years old when he made his debut as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War.

Thankfully, the star maintained his boyish looks and charm throughout his rise to fame and subsequent roles, and he is still a good choice for many youthful portrayals.

However, the actor reportedly received an offer from Paramount Pictures to portray Danny Phantom in an upcoming live adaptation, and many fans believe that Holland, despite his acting range, isn’t best suited for that particular role.

Playing Danny Phantom?

Despite our love for Tom Holland and his work, Danny Phantom fans and other netizens might be right about this one.

The original animated series on Nickelodeon followed the story of a 14-year-old teenager who becomes a superhero after suffering an accident involving portals between the human world and the ghost zone.

With Danny being 14 and Holland nearly twice that age, the fans believe that it’s nearly impossible for the actor to portray someone that young, regardless of the star power.

Too Old To Play A Teenager?

The general consensus online is that Tom Holland simply isn’t a good choice for the role, primarily due to his age, and the casting process is apparently not done.

Since there’s still no official confirmation from either Holland or Paramount, this information is speculatory at best and should be treated as such.

While it’s quite obvious to see why producers might choose Holland for the role, fans aren’t as convinced. We’ll keep you updated on the matter as the situation develops.

Spider-Man 4 Could Be On The Way

While we wait for any official confirmation regarding Danny Phantom and Tom Holland, let’s take the opportunity to discuss Holland’s other work, primarily his involvement in the Spider-Man franchise.

According to Holland himself, there are still some discussions at Sony regarding the fourth Spider-Man film, but those have been put on hold due to solidarity with the writers—alluding to the now-concluded SAG-AFTRA strike.

He withheld the important details but disclosed that the project is still at a very, very early stage when it’s also most vulnerable and susceptible to cancelations.

Could Be A Peter Parker Restart

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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters in the MCU, and the same can be said for his performance in the standalone Spider-Man movie.

Marvel fans are hoping for the actor’s return to the role in subsequent films since he’s one of the most favored portrayals of Peter Parker.

Considering that he’s aging out of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man role, Holland could still portray Parker in subsequent films, leading to his adventures with balancing adulthood and superhero-ing until the eventual introduction of Miles Morales in live-action.

Wishful Thinking

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Of course, this is merely wishful thinking on our part, but it’s also not outside the realm of possibility.

Sure, there have been many Spider-Men in the movies, but we can safely say that Tom Holland is to Spider-Man what Hugh Jackman is to the Wolverine, and Robert Downey Junior is to Tony Stark—or is it the other way around?