A Clue Spider-Man Crossover Movie Is Now Possible

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Long before Barbie became a billion dollar adaptation of a toy turned into a feature film, Hasbro wowed audiences far and wide by launching a movie based on their hit board game Clue. Though there hasn’t been another Clue movie since 1985, The Hollywood Reporter has announced Sony Pictures and TriStar have secured the rights for a new adaptation of the murder mystery game.

Another Clue Movie Coming?

clue movie

With other whodunits such as Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery making waves in recent years, it seems like a no-brainer to put Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock back in the library with a candlestick.

Sony Pictures hasn’t been having their most successful run in recent years, with franchises such as the Spider-Man villain-verse seemingly crashing and burning at every turn.

Helping Spider-Man Franchises?

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After failing to successfully reboot the Spider-Man franchise with the Amazing Spider-Man films, the studio agreed to a landmark split-ownership deal with Marvel, allowing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to thrive at the box office with each passing installment.

With any luck, new franchise outings such as a new Clue movie will reestablish financial viability for the studio at the box office.

A Crossover Franchise?

As a worst-case scenario, Sony could also merge the Spider-Man and Clue franchises together for the movie equivalent of a child smashing their toys together in their bedroom.

Crossover films tend to perform exceptionally well at the box office, as evidenced by Paramount’s intention to launch another major Hasbro crossover, in the form of the upcoming Transformers and G.I. Joe film.

Of course, the MCU itself is the shining example of a crossover dominating the box office, since no feat had ever been attempted at this scale before.

The Clue Game And 1985 Movie

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For those unfamiliar with Clue, the board game tasks players with solving a heinous murder plot, through a process of elimination which eventually reveals the location, murder weapon, and culprit.

The game carries a colorful cast of characters, including Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, and others. The 1985 Clue movie saw a number of A-listers taking on these classic roles, including Christopher Lloyd, Madeline Kahn, and the inimitable Tim Curry.

Other Versions Stalled Out

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Since the original Clue movie premiered, studios have been vying for the rights to adapt the hit Hasbro game with little success.

A Ryan Reynolds-led iteration was in the works back in 2020, but ultimately stalled out before materializing.

Now that Sony has acquired the rights, they haven’t attached any big name stars just yet, though casting announcements are sure to come soon as the studio oversees the script and development process.

Other Games Also Getting Adaptations?

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In addition to Clue, Hasbro execs have been voraciously pursuing studios to produce movies for popular toys and board games such as Monopoly, Candy Land, and others.

The game company has already seen success licensing brands like Transformers, G.I. Joe, and, more recently, Dungeons & Dragons to major Hollywood studios.

With Sony Pictures taking on the rights to Clue, fans may have a new box office hit on their hands in the near future, with a wide array of talented performers bringing the color-coded cast of the game to life.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter