Hit Sci-Fi Anime Second Season Already In Production

By Michael Heuer | Published

kaiju no. 8

A second season of the anime hit Kaiju No. 8 is being readied by its producers and creative team in Japan for streaming release later this year or early in 2025. The inaugural season of the hit series on Crunchyroll introduced us to the Defense Force members Kafka Hibino, Kikoru Shinomiya, and Reno Ichikawa, who are dedicated to the fight against the evil kaiju that seek to destroy humanity. When it comes to fighting, the destruction of the entire human race is a great motivator.

Season 1

Season one of Kaiju No. 8 starts with the world plagued by the kaiju monsters that want to destroy humanity and make the world part of its realm. Our hero Kafka Hibino knows the Defense Force is the world’s only hope for salvation from the kaiju, and he wants to be part of the team and is joined by his childhood friend, Mina Ashiro.

Season one follows Hibino and Ahiro as they try to locate and join the Defense Force, which already has its collective hands full battling the deadly and evil kaiju.

Fighting Kaiju

During Kaiju No. 8 season one, we see the close relationship between Hibino and Ashiro and the bond that develops between those two and Reno Ichikawa, who also desires to join the Defense Force.

They meet after Hibino and Ashiro secure work cleaning up after the Defense Force’s battles with the evil kaiju monsters. Ichikawa rekindles Hibino’s strong desire to join the Defense Force with Ashiro.


kaiju no. 8

Season one of the Kaiju No. 8 anime originally dropped in April and is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, so you can catch up on all of the action and exciting plot twists. All 12 episodes are a visual delight with superb manga animation and outstanding sound editing.

The plot is fast-paced and combines action and comedy to create a truly delightful series that proved to be very popular with viewers who can stream each episode when they choose instead of being limited to a set schedule. 

The Manga

kaiju no. 8

The story is adapted from creator Naoya Matsumoto’s serialized Kaiju No. 8 manga that debuted in the Shonen Jump with an English language version published by VIZ Media.

Shigeyuki Miya directed the 12-episode season-one adaptation that was produced by the Production I.G. animation studio in Japan.

Ichiro Okouchi delivered the composition for the manga series while Tetsuya Nishio fulfilled duties as the animation director and chief character designer. 

A Great Anime

The results are spectacular and deliver compelling animation with lots of action and blood as our heroes do their best to save humanity against the evil Kaiju monsters that seek to destroy it. Each kaiju monster is the product of Mahiro Maeda, who makes each monster unique while possessing special abilities.

Crunchyroll hasn’t announced when it plans to debut Kaiju No. 8 season two, but it will be available in its native Japanese or dubbed in English. Many devotees prefer viewing the Japanese-language version with English subtitles instead of dubbing the characters’ voices in English.