• streaming [ stree-ming ] noun – a method of transferring content over the internet in a continuous flow to an app or viewing device

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Pluto On Netflix Setting High Standard For Streaming Anime

If you’re searching for a thought-provoking, artistically fulfilling anime adventure—look no further. Netflix’s stellar adaptation of Naoki Urasawa’s manga, Pluto, scores …

1 month ago

The Dystopian Sci-Fi Movie On Netflix Predicts A Terrifying Future For Earth

Get ready to be transported to a dystopian future with The Colony on Netflix. In a world ravaged by climate …

1 month ago

The Crime Movie On Netflix That Makes Big Banks The Real Bad Guys

Step into the chaotic world of high finance with The Big Short on Netflix. Ever wondered what really went down …

1 month ago

The Superhero Movie On Netflix Should Still Be A Franchise

Dive into the paranormal like never before with Hellboy on Netflix. Imagine a world where myths walk among us, where …

1 month ago

The Fantasy Novel That Would Make The Perfect Streaming Series

While Hollywood is busy rebooting and remaking the same franchises, including a new Harry Potter series that promises to be …

1 month ago

The Ryan Gosling Crime Thriller Epic Everyone Forgot

Like the fates of any film genre, the destinies of crime thrillers vary. While some solidly cement their reputations as …

1 month ago

The Best Russell Crowe Movies Streaming On Netflix

We can’t always find our favorite actors and actresses on Netflix, but with Russell Crowe, there is plenty on the …

1 month ago

The Neo-Western Crime Thriller On Netflix With An All-Time Great Ending

Wind River, streaming on Netflix, stands as a gripping narrative set against the unforgiving backdrop of the Wyoming wilderness. This …

1 month ago

robert de niro

The Most Tense Heist Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

When it comes to heist movies, there have been all manner of films over the years. Netflix has a number …

1 month ago

alien invasion, arrival

The Best Alien Invasion Movies Streaming On Netflix

When it comes to alien invasion movies, Netflix has you completely covered with some awesome titles. Some fit the mold …

1 month ago

sylvester stallone samaritan

Sylvester Stallone Coming Back For Surprise Sequel

When we first heard about Sylvester Stallone coming back for a sequel to one of his earlier action films, we’ll …

1 month ago

Mark Wahlberg’s Most Offensive Performance On Netflix Is Also Incredibly Uplifting

Mark Wahlberg may be a divisive figure in Hollywood, but Netflix subscribers have the chance to catch him in a …

1 month ago

Human And Cellphone Become One In A Fascinating Netflix Movie

Dive into the digital age like never before with iBoy on Netflix. In a world where smartphones dominate our lives, …

1 month ago

creep netflix

The Alien Invasion Movie On Netflix Makes Human Extinction Seem Likely

Looking for a sci-fi thriller that blurs the line between dream and reality, all while setting your heart racing? Look …

1 month ago


The Comic Book Reboot On Netflix Is Much Better Than The Original

Get ready to dive deep into the gritty underbelly of Mega-City One! Streaming now on Netflix, Dredd takes us on …

1 month ago

meet the blacks

The Horror Spoof On Netflix That Rips Apart A Massive Franchise

Looking for some zany comedy that flips the script on the traditional home invasion trope? Well, look no further! Streaming …

1 month ago

The Violent Police Thriller With A Controversial Star On Netflix That Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

The 2018 neo-noir crime thriller Dragged Across Concrete is streaming on Netflix. Written and directed by S. Craig Zahler, the film is …

1 month ago

night teeth

The Slick And Sexy Vampire Movie On Netflix Is Perfect For Halloween

Ah, the City of Angels – where nightlife sparkles and danger lurks in the shadows. Dive into the neon-lit streets …

1 month ago

The Netflix Space Movie That Will Make You Want To Stay On Earth

Buckle up, space enthusiasts and drama lovers alike (or space haters if you want to go the other way), because …

1 month ago

The Sci-Fi Movie On Netflix Is A Terrifying Look At Future Of The Military

In an era of futuristic warfare and cutting-edge technology, Outside the Wire drops onto the Netflix battlefield, blurring the line …

1 month ago

The Best Horror Anime To Binge For Halloween

Anime is amazing because it’s a catch-all term for animation out of Japan, which can be anything, from the classic …

1 month ago

Star Wars Skeleton Crew: All We Know

Star Wars is expanding on Disney+ with one of the most ambitious projects in franchise history, Skeleton Crew. The upcoming …

1 month ago

The Sci-Fi Action Thriller Leaving Netflix That Tried To Revive A Franchise

Ready to dive back into a world where man battles machine, and timelines get a little… twisted? Say hello once …

1 month ago

The 90s Classic Thriller On Netflix With The World’s Worst Bosses

Dive into a world of suspense, conspiracy, and whirlwind legal drama as we follow the life of a young, ambitious …

1 month ago

Stargate Origins Free To Stream Right Now

The movie-length cut of the 2018 Stargate Origins 10-episode web series is available on Freevee, Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service in the …

1 month ago

The Sci-Fi Monster Movie On Netflix Is A Genre-Bender

Ready to trade your city skyline for a much larger, more reptilian silhouette? Hold onto your seats, because Godzilla: Planet …

1 month ago

Netflix Reveals New Historical Fantasy Anime Series Based On Best-Selling Book Series

Netflix has just unveiled the first trailer for the new anime series Onymoji. The anime comes from animation studio Marvy …

1 month ago

Inception’s Ending Explained At Last: Did The Top Keep Spinning? Is Cobb In Reality?

If you’ve seen Inception, then you probably finished it wondering whether Cobb’s totem spun off the table or not. Did …

1 month ago

Disney Reveals New Look For Agatha: Darkhold Diaries

It’s an open secret that the Marvel content on Disney+ has been lacking lately, and it seems like most of …

1 month ago