Escape From New York Game Canceled, Franchise Could Be Dead Forever

By Robert Scucci | Published

Once upon a time, we found out that our dreams were about to come true in the form of an Escape from New York video game developed by Slipgate Ironworks. Unfortunately, as soon as rumors circulated that there was a game based on the iconic 1981 Kurt Russell dystopian science fiction action film, they were immediately shut down by rumors of a cancellation.

If the rumors turn out to be true, then here’s the short version of the story: an Escape from New York video game was in development, but shelved indefinitely due to extensive layoffs and other mounting budgetary concerns.

Alleged Video Game Images Surface

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The rumors started last week on a Reddit post, where user u/LongJonSilver directed users to an Imgur album that contains what looks like scenes from an Escape from New York video game. Among the images of a post-apocalyptic city ravaged by crazies are computer-generated renderings of Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken. What remains unclear, however, is how far along the game was in its development process.

The reported quality of the images suggests that the video game adaptation made it past the early development stages. But until the source of the images is confirmed, we could be looking at some extremely detailed fan art for all we know.

Layoffs Led To The Cancellation

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Since the original Reddit post, a former developer has alleged that the Escape from New York game was actually in development somewhat recently. According to the developer, who leaked this information anonymously, Slipgate Ironworks faced a round of layoffs at the hands of their parent company (Embracer Group) in January, resulting in the cancellation of a number of active projects. In addition to the layoffs, the former developer also alleged that the studio was falling behind on their invoice payments to contractors, indicating severe financial distress.

There’s Still Hope

The problem with anonymous sources is that they may not be telling the whole truth about the Escape from New York video game. If the pictures are legit, however, then we weep at what could have been because it looks like one heck of a game. If we take the leaked information at face value, then we can reasonably assume that Escape from New York will never fully escape from the studio and see an official release.

What we do know is that Slipgate Ironworks has an unnamed project called “Upcoming Title” on their official page that’s shrouded in mystery. We’d love to think that Escape from New York is the mystery title, but there’s no way to know unless the studio makes an official announcement.

The Other Canceled Escape From New York Game

This wouldn’t be the first time that an Escape from New York video game was canceled. Back in 2004-2005, a prequel game was in the works called Snake’s First Escape, which would have functioned as a prequel to the John Carpenter film. Debra Hill, who produced the film and worked alongside John Carpenter and Kurt Russell to develop the game, passed away in 2005, and the project was never finished.

No Confirmation Yet

In an ideal world, we’ll get some sort of official closure on the Escape from New York video game that Slipgate Ironworks was supposedly working on. But we’re still holding out hope that the game will one day be fully realized so we can finally live vicariously through Snake Plissken’s avatar like God intended.

Source: 80 Level Talent