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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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star trek khan

Strange New Worlds Is Exactly What Star Trek Needs Right Now

While Strange New Worlds has plenty of fans, it’s a series that still rubs a few Star Trek fans the …

3 weeks ago

Leonard Nimoy Rewrote Spock’s History With One Line In Star Trek VI

Is Spock related to Sherlock Holmes? Fans have debated the question for decades thanks to one of Spock’s lines in …

3 weeks ago

Star Trek Is Best When It’s Boring And Paramount Doesn’t Get It

Paramount has never really known what to do with Star Trek. At its heart, the company is a business, and …

3 weeks ago

Canon Ruins Everything

If I had to name one thing that has single-handedly ruined geek culture over the last twenty years, I wouldn’t …

3 weeks ago

Battlestar Galactica Showrunner Calls Out Star Trek?

One of the more fascinating things about the Battlestar Galactica reboot is that it was a futuristic sci-fi show that …

3 weeks ago

William Shatner Got In Trouble With Star Trek Fans Because Of SNL

In 1986, William Shatner hosted SNL and participated in a sketch that would forever change his relationship with the Star …

3 weeks ago

The Biggest Lesson Star Trek Taught Battlestar Galactica Showrunner

Ronald D. Moore famously worked as a writer and producer of Star Trek shows like The Next Generation and Deep …

3 weeks ago

jonathan frakes star trek

How Commander Riker Influenced Sci-Fi’s Most Flawed Character

One of the things that made the Battlestar Galactica reboot so refreshing is that it felt different from mainstream science …

3 weeks ago

Star Trek phage

Star Trek: Voyager Episode Everyone Hated Is Loved By Showrunner

Normally, Star Trek series are ensemble productions both in front of and behind the cameras. In addition to the talented …

3 weeks ago

star trek

Star Trek Episode Almost Filmed In Black And White

If you mention “Star Trek” and “black and white” in the same sentence, fans are likely to think of The …

3 weeks ago

The Star Trek Guest Too Good At Being Bad

Part of what makes Star Trek such a fun franchise is that on top of the main cast, each series …

3 weeks ago

Star Trek Handles One Thing Better Than Star Wars, And It Isn’t Even Close

I love Star Trek, I love Star Wars. I usually won’t even humor arguments of which is better, because in …

3 weeks ago

Star Trek IV Backstory Erased Because Of A Child

Ask someone to name a Star Trek movie, and even the most casual fan will say, “The one with the …

3 weeks ago

star trek voyager music

Forgotten Star Trek Episode Has Better Music Than the Films

Even the biggest haters of Star Trek: Voyager had to admit that the music was excellent. That was because most …

3 weeks ago

star trek voyager prop

Star Trek’s Most Annoying Prop Is One You Never Notice

As a franchise, Star Trek is filled with many cool props (including the iconic Enterprise-D) and some pretty lame ones …

3 weeks ago

battlestar galactica

Battlestar Galactica Line Honors Star Trek Iconic Character

Battlestar Galactica was Ronald D. Moore’s masterpiece, a show he created and ran after years of writing for Star Trek: …

3 weeks ago

The Secret Connection Between Star Trek: Voyager And Sherlock Holmes

When you think about Star Trek’s connections to Sherlock Holmes, you most likely think about The Next Generation. In two …

3 weeks ago

Star Trek’s Funniest Mindmeld Happened Offscreen

Ever since Star Trek: The Original Series, the mindmeld has been presented onscreen as a very solemn and serious ceremony. …

3 weeks ago

john aniston star trek

Star Trek Made A Fan-Favorite Character Suddenly Awful

If you regularly re-watch Star Trek: Voyager (it’s not just us, right?), you start to notice some strange things, especially …

3 weeks ago

star trek robert beltran

The Simple Star Trek Line That Nearly Ruined An Episode

Star Trek: Voyager was a show filled with great dialogue, including everything from Q’s scenery-chewing grandstanding to Janeway’s inspirational speeches. …

3 weeks ago

star trek movies

Chris Pine Is Excited For Captain Kirk Star Trek Return For A Good Reason

It’s been nearly a decade since Chris Pine stood at the helm of the USS Enterprise as Captain Kirk in …

3 weeks ago

Star Trek Took Inspiration From The Simplest Children’s Game

In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Move Along Home,” our intrepid Starfleet heroes are stuck inside a bizarre …

3 weeks ago

The Star Trek Episode So Bad Its Own Writer Agrees With Haters

While Deep Space Nine remains the best Star Trek show, it had its fair share of truly awful episodes. Many …

4 weeks ago

The CSI Episode That Mocked Star Trek Fans Is Still Relevant Today

It’s long been true that by the time a network procedural devotes an episode to a topic, from escape rooms …

4 weeks ago

Star Trek TNG Forgets Its Most Important Hero

Star Trek is a show with many great heroes like Captain Picard and Commander Riker, but the most important hero …

4 weeks ago

ai rat

The Star Trek Crossover Long Past Due Is Right There For Paramount

Live long and cowabunga. Imagine Mr. Spock saying this to Michaelangelo as his hand slowly changes from the Vulcan greeting …

4 weeks ago

The Superman Icon Who Went Uncredited On Star Trek

Most fans think the only major connection between Superman and Star Trek is that Jack Quaid does major voicework for …

4 weeks ago

The Star Trek DS9 Episode That Ruined A TNG Appearance

For most Star Trek fans, the Deep Space Nine episode “Move Along Home” has many sins to answer for. It’s …

4 weeks ago

Star Trek’s Funniest Actor Hated Doing Comedy

Many fans of Star Trek agree that Armin Shimerman is the funniest actor in the franchise. He imbued his scheming …

4 weeks ago

data full name star trek ai

Star Trek Is Helping To Create AI Used For Good

Star Trek has done a great job at showing us how technology can be used for good – and how …

4 weeks ago