Star Trek: The Original Series Blu-Rays Are 77% Off On Amazon Today

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TrekIf you’ve never checked out the remastered and upgraded version of Star Trek: The Original Series, you are seriously missing out. All the old effects got a snazzy facelift, which diminishes some of the show’s more dated or cheesy elements. The print itself has been restored to gorgeous quality, and it’s frankly amazing how good this nearly 50-year-old show looks. Now’s the perfect chance to grab up The Original Series on Blu-ray, because Amazon has the set of all three seasons marked down a whopping 77% today, leaving the price at $75.54. These sets have always been a bit pricey, so around $25 per season is a steal. Even better, the sets are positively packed with bonus features, making this one of the better deals we’ve seen Amazon offer up in a while. You can add Star Trek: The Original Series to your collection right here.