The Zombie Rom-Com On Netflix That Flips The Whole Horror Genre

By Steven Nelson | Published


Hey there, movie enthusiasts! Guess what? The quirky and utterly endearing zombie romantic comedy (yes, you read that right), Warm Bodies, has found its cozy spot on Netflix’s ever-growing roster of films. Imagine a world where the cold, heartless zombie you see in most horror flicks actually has a heart, albeit a slowly beating one.

That’s right, we’re tearing down the terrifying image of zombies, one heartbeat at a time, and trust us, it’s a wild yet heartwarming ride. So, gear up to witness a love story that is as unconventional as it gets. It’s time to break those stereotypes and cuddle up with some popcorn because Warm Bodies is ready to redefine zombie love stories for you!

Warm Bodies is a zombie romantic-comedy currently streaming on Netflix

Absolutely! Picture this: the world is in shambles, a classic post-apocalyptic scenario, but there’s a twist. Our main guy, R (played with an endearing awkwardness by Nicholas Hoult), is a zombie with a bit of a conscience.


Yeah, a zombie with feelings, introspective thoughts, and to top it all, a crush on a living human, named Julie (a spirited performance by Teresa Palmer). Now, you might think it sounds like the recipe for disaster, but trust me, it unfolds beautifully.

In this wasteland of a world, R stumbles upon Julie during a, let’s say, zombie snack time (eeek, I know), but instead of making her his next meal, he saves her. Sparks fly, and what follows is a tale of forbidden romance that’s weirdly adorable. This unusual pairing starts changing the dynamics of the world around them, offering a shimmer of hope, something that was long lost in this dystopian setting.

In Warm Bodies, Nicholas Hoult plays a zombie with a bit of a conscience

As this off-beat love story progresses, we witness how their growing connection starts to heal the very essence of humanity, bit by bit. It’s like a ripple effect; R’s humanity starts to rub off on his fellow zombie pals, hinting that maybe, just maybe, the world can find its pulse again.

But it ain’t all that easy, right? There are hurdles in the form of the Boneys, a terrifying type of zombie who have given up all traces of their humanity, and of course, the remaining human resistance who can’t wrap their heads around the fact that zombies can change.


With the help of an excellent supporting cast that includes Rob Corddry as R’s zombie best friend M, and John Malkovich giving us a strong performance as Julie’s stern, zombie-fighting father, this movie brings in a good mix of humor, heart, and horror.

So, in this grim yet hopeful journey, Warm Bodies takes us through the transition of cold, lifeless beings finding warmth and life again, breaking free from their undead chains. It’s not just about a blossoming romance; it’s about rediscovering humanity, kindness, and the essence of being alive, sprinkled with moments of laughter and heart-tugging emotions. A plot that guarantees a rollercoaster of feels, wouldn’t you agree?

How Warm Bodies Stacks Up In The Zombie Genre

Typically, we get a heavy dose of doom and gloom with flicks like George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead or the adrenaline-pumping World War Z, where zombies are monstrous creatures and humanity is teetering on the brink.

But here’s where Warm Bodies flips the script. It takes the zombie trope and sprinkles in romance and humor, offering a unique perspective in a genre that’s usually steeped in horror and despair. This film almost feels like a romantic comedy set in a zombie apocalypse, which is quite a departure from series like AMC’s The Walking Dead, where the focus is squarely on the grim and gruesome realities of a world overrun by the undead.

The central zombie character, R, is not your average mindless flesh-eater. He has thoughts, a personality, and even desires love and connection, breaking away from the conventional portrayal of zombies seen in films like 28 Days Later

Essentially, Warm Bodies presents a lighter, hopeful narrative in the zombie genre, blending romance and comedy with elements of horror, which is both refreshing and entertaining. If you’re up for a zombie story with a heartwarming twist, this movie is a great pick.

So, if you’re in the mood for a zombie flick with a hearty dose of romance and laughter, Warm Bodies on Netflix is your go-to. Its fresh take on the zombie genre, blending grim apocalypse with a heartwarming love story, makes it a standout choice for a casual Netflix night.

Give it a shot and witness a tale where love truly conquers all, even in a world infested with the undead!