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The 90s Bloody Gonzo Horror Comedy From An Oscar-Winning Director

Peter Jackson emerged as one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation with the production of the 1995 film Heavenly …

1 week ago

return of the living dead streaming

The Most Important 1980s Punk Rock Horror Comedy Is Streaming Right Now

 The soundtrack is a feature that can make or break a film. Imagine the movies Pulp Fiction, The Crow, or …

2 weeks ago

the walking dead

The Walking Dead Originally Sequel To Iconic Zombie Universe

For a whole generation of zombiephiles Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is as synonymous with the concept of flesh-eating corpses …

3 weeks ago

night of the living dead canon

The Most Beloved Horror Classic Has The Most Complicated Canon Ever

If I asked you which horror movie spawned the most convoluted mess of sequels, remakes, and spinoffs, you’d probably guess …

3 weeks ago

Zombie Horror Classic Gets Ruined By Star Wars Special Edition Treatment

Although they may not look like it on the surface, Night of the Living Dead and Star Wars have a …

3 weeks ago

4,200-Year-Old Terrifying Zombie Secret Unearthed From Haunting Tomb

Archaeologists have unearthed a 4,200-year-old Neolithic tomb in Oppin, Germany, which led them to believe it is an example of …

3 weeks ago

Nathan Fillion Learned A Skill Just To Fend Off Zombies

Nathan Fillion is awesome. This is something we can all agree on. (And if not you shall be shunned. Horribly, …

1 month ago

New Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Series Is Too Focused On Finding Ways To Horrify Its Audience

Does Amazon’s new streaming series measure up? Or does it get lost in the Wasteland?

1 month ago

The Sci-Fi Movie So Bad It Should Have Killed The Franchise, But Didn’t

Zombies are the least of Alice’s problems.

2 months ago

How Horror Movies Train Our Brains To Deal With Crisis

There you have it: horror movies are educational.

3 months ago

28 years later

28 Years Later Finds Home, Zombie Trilogy Finally Being Completed

The zombies are officially on the move. Sony has managed to wrangle the rights to Danny Boyle and Alex Garland’s …

4 months ago

President George Washington Was Almost Turned Into A Zombie

Every American school child spends a slice of their youth learning about the exploits of George Washington. Our first president …

4 months ago

Terrifying Zombie Drug Is Spreading Fast

A new drug epidemic is in full swing in West Africa, mainly in the Sierra Leone region. Every week, the …

4 months ago

Scientists Officially Studying Zombie Uprisings, Are They A Real Threat?

Zombie uprisings have been the focus of thousands of written works spanning from novels, screenplays, and apparently, even scientific research. …

7 months ago

See First Look At Next Big Zombie Series, Generation Z

Generation Z is the latest addition to the zombie genre, carrying on a tradition of social commentary through horror. According …

7 months ago

The Greatest Zombie Movie Returning To Theaters

Comic Book reports that George A Romero’s 1978 Dawn of the Dead will have an October 27 screening at Regal …

8 months ago

izombie netflix

The Zombie Crime Series On Netflix That Needs More Seasons

As brain-eating goes mainstream, iZombie takes a deliciously unique bite out of the zombie genre. Streaming now on Netflix, this …

8 months ago

star wars zombies

The Original Star Wars Zombies That Inspired Ahsoka’s Finale

The Ahsoka finale had a lot of cool scenes, but the one involving zombie Stormtroopers easily took the brains—er, cake. …

8 months ago

The Zombie Rom-Com On Netflix That Flips The Whole Horror Genre

Hey there, movie enthusiasts! Guess what? The quirky and utterly endearing zombie romantic comedy (yes, you read that right), Warm …

8 months ago

zom 100

Zom 100 Comedy-Horror Anime May Never Finish Its First Season

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead might be as dead as the zombies the show revolves around. As reported …

8 months ago

the walking dead

What Are Burners? The Walking Dead’s New Zombies, Explained

With the introduction of a new The Walking Dead spin-off comes the introduction of a new kind of zombie — …

9 months ago

zom 100

The Most Popular New Anime On Netflix Is A Comedic Zombie Apocalypse

Akira Tendo didn’t start living until everyone around him started dying. That’s the premise behind the newest hit anime, Zom …

9 months ago

norman reedus

Who Is Daryl Dixon Of The Walking Dead? Everything You Need To Know Before His Solo Series

Portrayed by Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon was one of the main characters in The Walking Dead, based on the comic book …

9 months ago

night of the living dead fungus zombie

The Most Anticipated Zombie Movie Of All Time Is Finally Happening

In 2017, renowned filmmaker George A. Romero passed away, leaving behind a treatment co-written with Paolo Zelati for the seventh …

10 months ago

world war z

Exclusive: World War Z Series In Development, Brad Pitt Producing

The Walking Dead may be over, but there are other zombie franchises out there. According to our trusted and proven …

10 months ago

Linnea Quigley’s Iconic Horror Workout Has Been Saved And You Can Order It Now

Scream Queen Linnea Quigley’s iconic horror workout video is getting a glossy Blu-ray release.

1 year ago

brad pitt

Brad Pitt’s Globe-Spanning Horror Movie Is Having A Second Life On Netflix

Brad Pitt’s World War Z is in the top ten most-watched movies on Netflix.

1 year ago

night of the living dead fungus zombie

Zombies Are Real, See The Dead Walk In Real Life 

A new video showcases a fungus that turns male cicadas into walking bug zombie corpses.

1 year ago

28 days later

Classic Zombie Apocalypse Film Finally Getting Third Installment?

28 Days Later director Danny Boyle thinks a third movie in the zombie series could get audiences to theaters.

2 years ago

A George Romero Zombie Classic Is Finally Getting A Sequel

Night of the Living Dead is getting a new sequel.

2 years ago