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the walking dead games

The Walking Dead Series Needs To Adapt The Franchise’s Best Story

It is hard to believe that despite The Walking Dead TV series debuting in 2010, that the stories for many …

2 weeks ago


Netflix R-Rated Zombie Horror Comedy Is A Modern Classic

Hollywood became a little over-obsessed with zombies in the 2000s and 2010s, but it resulted in some solid projects, most …

2 weeks ago

Ryan gosling blade runner 2099

Ryan Gosling New Zombie Comedy Gets The Best Title In Years

Ryan Gosling is on board to produce the wonderfully-titled zombie comedy I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale. …

2 weeks ago

The Zombie Sci-Fi Horror Epic That Takes Over Another Blockbuster Genre

While Saving Private Ryan and Apocalypse Now remain among the greatest war movie classics, 2018’s Overlord remains a hidden gem …

4 weeks ago

The Best Unrated ’80s Apocalypse Horror From Multiple Genre Masters, Stream Free Now

Italian filmmakers have given horror fans some of the most graphic movies ever produced since the late 1960s. Combining masterful …

4 weeks ago

The Zombie Classic With The X-Files Star, Stream Without Netflix

 Six years before sci-fi fans got their first look at Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner in the hit series The …

4 weeks ago


The Zombie Comedy Hidden Gem Funnier Than Shaun Of The Dead, Stream Now Without Netflix

The sign of a great horror-comedy is its ability to maintain a healthy balance between the on-screen terror and its …

1 month ago

1990s Zombie Dark Comedy Is A Quirky Gem Being Forgotten By The New Generation

Fans of zombie comedies have had more than a handful of screen gems to add to their streaming libraries and …

1 month ago

2000s Forgotten Zombie Comedy You Can Stream Without Netflix

Zombie films and television shows have been all the rage in recent years, mostly due to the massive success of …

1 month ago

2000s Zombie War Horror Movie Is An Overlooked Gem, Stream Without Netflix

As the Western powers moved into the 20th century, the mechanization of warfare was accelerated like never before in history. …

1 month ago

The 1980s Horror From A Master Director Based On An Even Scarier True Story

Master of horror Wes Craven has brought many forms of terror to theater screens throughout a career that spanned five …

1 month ago

1980s Zombie Horror Takes Violence To Unbelievable Extreme, Stream Now Without Netflix

George Romero changed the trajectory of zombie films with the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead by pivoting these …

1 month ago

80s Sci-Fi Horror Comedy Gem Combines Aliens And Zombies, Stream Now Without Netflix

Critics who espouse the view that zombie films have become a worn-out film and TV category in the last decade …

1 month ago

the night watchmen 1

Zombie Vampire Clowns Wreak Havoc In Hilarious Horror Comedy You Can Stream Now

In my ongoing quest to find the most over-the-top horror comedy known to man, I think I’m getting close with …

2 months ago

The 90s Bloody Gonzo Horror Comedy From An Oscar-Winning Director

Peter Jackson emerged as one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation with the production of the 1995 film Heavenly …

2 months ago

cillian Murphy 28 Years Later

Cillian Murphy Return To His Breakout Role Confirmed

When talking about classic zombie movies, we are at the point now where 28 Days Later has to be included …

2 months ago

The 1980s Zombie Horror Classic That’s A Bizarre Sequel To The Greatest In The Genre

Though zombies have been featured in horror movies since the silent era, the flesh and brain-eating monsters that audiences see …

2 months ago

return of the living dead streaming

The Most Important 1980s Punk Rock Horror Comedy Is Streaming Right Now

 The soundtrack is a feature that can make or break a film. Imagine the movies Pulp Fiction, The Crow, or …

2 months ago

the walking dead

The Walking Dead Originally Sequel To Iconic Zombie Universe

For a whole generation of zombiephiles Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is as synonymous with the concept of flesh-eating corpses …

2 months ago

night of the living dead canon

The Most Beloved Horror Classic Has The Most Complicated Canon Ever

If I asked you which horror movie spawned the most convoluted mess of sequels, remakes, and spinoffs, you’d probably guess …

2 months ago

star wars george lucas

Zombie Horror Classic Gets Ruined By Star Wars Special Edition Treatment

Although they may not look like it on the surface, Night of the Living Dead and Star Wars have a …

2 months ago

4,200-Year-Old Terrifying Zombie Secret Unearthed From Haunting Tomb

Archaeologists have unearthed a 4,200-year-old Neolithic tomb in Oppin, Germany, which led them to believe it is an example of …

2 months ago

Kingdom Netflix

The Netflix Zombie Horror Historical Epic Series That Needs Season 3

When people think of pandemic era shows, some of the names that probably spring to mind are Tiger King or …

3 months ago

The Cybernetic Zombie Anime Unlike Anything Else You’ve Seen

Blassreiter takes the classic zombie trope and twists it into something completely different. Corpses come back to life, but they …

3 months ago

joe manganiello mountain man

Joe Manganiello Boards Zombie Thriller Based On Fan-Favorite Book Series

Joe Manganiello is heading to a zombie apocalypse with his upcoming thriller Mountain Man. Manganiello will star in the project …

3 months ago

Nathan Fillion Learned A Skill Just To Fend Off Zombies

Nathan Fillion is awesome. This is something we can all agree on. (And if not you shall be shunned. Horribly, …

3 months ago

New Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Series Is Too Focused On Finding Ways To Horrify Its Audience

Does Amazon’s new streaming series measure up? Or does it get lost in the Wasteland?

3 months ago

The Madcap 1980s Zombie Horror Comedy Everyone Loves, Stream Without Netflix Now

Fans of the 1980s horror comedy Night of the Creeps now have a way to stream this often-overlooked entry in …

3 months ago