James Gunn Reveals The Superman: Legacy Cast All Together

By Britta DeVore | Published

james gunn superman
  • James Gunn just gave us a glimpse of the cast of Superman: Legacy all in one place.
  • Gunn posted a shot of the Superman: Legacy cast to various social media after a table read of the script.
  • The gathered actors include David Corenswet, Rachel Brosnahan, Nathan Fillion, Anthony Carrigan, Edi Gathegi, and more.

James Gunn made the call and the actors for Superman: Legacy answered as the filmmaker gave fans a peek at the group in its full glory for the first time. Taking to his Instagram account, Gunn dropped a group shot of some famous faces gathered following the first table read for his upcoming movie. From Metamorpho to Hawkgirl and, of course, Clark Kent aka Superman, the gang’s all here so let’s dig into the image and what it means for the 2025 production.

Everyone Ready To Make You Believe A Man Can Fly

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With James Gunn in the center of the action, he’s surrounded by the likes of Nathan Fillon (Guy Gardner), Rachel Brosnahan (Lois Lane), David Corenswet (Superman), Anthony Carrigan (Metamorpho), Edi Gathegi (Mister Terrific), Skyler Gisondo (Jimmy Olsen), Isabela Merced (Hawkgirl), and others – including his co-DC Studios boss and producer, Peter Safran. Together, Gunn and Safran have stepped up to the monumental task of shifting the feature-length adaptations to come from DC from zero to hero, so it’s nice to see that the pair are working together even in these early table read days.

Lex Has Arrived

Though it’s exciting to see all of the cast gathered with James Gunn, it’s an especially thrilling moment for fans to spot Nicholas Hoult in the lineup as the actor has gone fully in on his role as Lex Luthor. While his roles in films like The Menu and Hulu’s drama series The Great have seen Hoult with a full head of hair, he needed to take the plunge and shave it all off for his latest performance as Superman’s mightiest foe. Hoult can be spotted in the back of the lineup, under the arm of his on-screen nemesis.

Gunn Likes Teasing Us With Glimpses

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Having previously been the man behind the entire Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy as well as DC’s The Suicide Squad, we know that James Gunn isn’t one to shy away from giving fans behind-the-scenes looks into what’s going on. With his table read sneak peek, it’s clear that the director will be continuing his open-door policy as filming picks up for Superman: Legacy.

Gunn And Safran’s Takeover

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James Gunn nearly flipped the entire DC fandom on its head when he announced that his first big project to come from his and Safran’s studio takeover would be a movie about Superman. Being that Kal-El is perhaps the most notable name from the comic books, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that Gunn would start here but the real shock was when he revealed that he would be moving forward without Henry Cavill. Cavill had played the role of Clark Kent for a full decade before Gunn and Safran stepped into power so audiences were surprised that the overhaul would include knocking Cavill from his pedestal. 

The New Superman

Instead of Henry Cavill donning the cape, David Corenswet will instead change into the uniform and protect his new home of Earth from the evils that threaten it. James Gunn knows that viewers have been beaten over the head with Clark Kent’s origin story and how he came to be Superman, so his project will instead pick up with the young hero after he’s already been tossing his glasses to the side and snapping into fighting action.