The Suicide Squad

the suicide squad
  • Released: August 5, 2021
  • Director: James Gunn
  • Studio: DC
Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie


Idris Elba

sylvester stallone
King Shark

Sylvester Stallone



John Cena

Rick Flag

Joel Kinnaman

Amanda Waller

Viola Davis


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Marvel’s Future Dystopian Hulk You’ll Never See On The Big Screen

Marvel’s multiverse has obviously given us a lot of chances to see different versions of heroes and villains, but I …

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The Underrated DC Gem You Can Stream Without Netflix

Quick, name the R-rated DC movie that redeemed Harley Quinn after the abysmal Suicide Squad (2017) but got the shaft …

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James Gunn Cancels His Other Superman Sequel

Five years after James Gunn teased fans about a sequel to Brightburn film, the filmmaker has changed course, essentially putting …

2 months ago

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Sylvester Stallone And Harrison Ford Share A Box Office Miracle

When The Suicide Squad reached the number-one spot at the box office in 2021, it wasn’t just a success for the superhero …

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James Gunn Superman Title Change Needs To Earn It

James Gunn’s sizable ego may have finally gotten the best of him. The Guardians of the Galaxy director took to …

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James Gunn Reveals The Superman: Legacy Cast All Together

James Gunn made the call and the actors for Superman: Legacy answered as the filmmaker gave fans a peek at …

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James Gunn Is Going To Direct More DCU Movies And That’s Dangerous

During a recent interaction with fans on Threads, James Gunn confirmed that he will be directing a number of upcoming …

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the suicide squad

The Netflix Sci-Fi Action Blockbuster Is An R-Rated Awesome Time

When Suicide Squad hit theaters in 2016, it was one of the most highly-anticipated features of the year. Then, it …

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suicide squad

The Suicide Squad Star Wants To Help You Die

Titan Casket, a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer casket industry, recently unveiled its newest collaboration. Renowned actor, writer, producer, and filmmaker …

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James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Would Be Better As A Series

In spite of being one of the heads of DC Studios — except for upcoming spinoffs like Peacemaker Season 2 …

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Suicide Squad Director Says James Gunn Will Release His Director’s Cut

2016’s Suicide Squad may finally be getting the long-awaited Ayer Cut. Director David Ayer had his DC Comics film wrestled …

10 months ago

james gunn dc superman

James Gunn Fires Back At DC Nepotism Accusations

James Gunn explained to trolls on Twitter that he cast his wife, Jennifer Holland, in one DC film, The Suicide Squad, and everything since he has had no say in.

1 year ago

will smith deadshot

Exclusive: Will Smith Is Deadshot In James Gunn DC Universe

Our sources say that in the DCU that exists after the upcoming reboot following The Flash, Will Smith will once again play Deadshot.

1 year ago

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See Kevin Conroy’s Final Appearance As Batman

Besides announcing Elden Ring as the Game of the Year, The Game Awards 2022 also featured a trailer for Suicide …

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See The Gotham Knights Update That Adds The Best Suicide Squad Villain

Just a few weeks after its initial launch and less-than-favorable reviews, WB Games has decided to launch an update to …

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sylvester stallone

Sylvester Stallone Confirms Return To His Best Role

Sylvester Stallone has confirmed he will return to DC Studios to voice King Shark.

2 years ago

margot robbie harley quinn

James Gunn Reveals Margot Robbie’s Fate As Harley Quinn

James Gunn confirms that Margot Robbie will play Harley Quinn in the DCEU again.

2 years ago

idris elba

Idris Elba Wants To See Bloodsport Up Against This DC Icon

Idris Elba knows who he wants to see the Suicide Squad’s Bloodsport up against next time, and this would be one for the ages.

2 years ago

idris elba

Idris Elba Confirms Return To His Best Comic Book Movie Character?

With so much bad news coming out of all the companies under the umbrella of Warner Bros. Discovery, it’s a …

2 years ago

doctor who peter capaldi

Former Doctor Who Becomes A Detective In New Streaming Series

One of the many former Doctors Who is getting their own streaming detective series, straight from Apple TV+.

2 years ago

james gunn

James Gunn Reveals New Suicide Squad Movie?

Is that mischievous scamp James Gunn hinting at a Suicide Squad 2 or just playing with our emotions with this image?

2 years ago

the suicide squad review james gunn

Suicide Squad Star Has Joined One Of The Most Anticipated Marvel Movies

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its successful run into new phases, many are looking to a new generation of …

2 years ago

Daniela Melchior

See Daniela Melchior’s Shocking New Fast & Furious Look

The Suicide Squad star Daniela Melchior has jumped franchises to the Fast and Furious and we have a first look at her new character.

2 years ago

idris elba
john cena peacemaker season 2

John Cena Shares The Wild Reason He Refuses To Stop Wearing Peacemaker Costume

Hopefully he at least cleans the thing.

2 years ago

ant-man 3 paul rudd

A Marvel Star Is Being Kept Out Of Ant-Man 3

A fan-favorite Marvel star is not returning for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but what they have to say is surprising.

2 years ago

ezra miller flash
Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi Slams Doctor Who For One Unfortunate Reason

Peter Capaldi has turned his famous acid tongue on his old gig at Doctor Who, but it is not for the reason you might think.

2 years ago

dwayne johnson john cena

Dwayne Johnson And John Cena Joining Forces In The DC Universe?

Are Black Adam and Peacemaker teaming up?

2 years ago

clint eastwood

Clint Eastwood’s Son Reveals He Turned Down A Major Blockbuster On Dad’s Advice

According to the interview, Scott said that his dad, Clint Eastwood, ultimately aided in his decision to turn the part down.

2 years ago