James Gunn Is Going To Direct More DCU Movies And That’s Dangerous

By TeeJay Small | Published

James Gunn DCU

During a recent interaction with fans on Threads, James Gunn confirmed that he will be directing a number of upcoming entrants into the DCU. While it comes as no surprise that the hands-on co-creative head will be helming more films than previously known, it may actually cause long-running problems for his burgeoning cinematic universe. Gunn has already expressed that his position with the studio leaves him with no time to write new scripts, so splitting his time between running the big-picture at Warner Brothers and honing in on individual projects may see the filmmaker spreading himself dangerously thin.

James Gunn Comes To DC

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James Gunn first officially took the reins of the DCU back in 2022, after the franchise had continually failed to pick up the same standard of quality showcased by the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the time. Gunn directed 2021’s The Suicide Squad for the studio, which served as a fan-favorite outing within the smoldering embers of the Zack Snyder-verse, functionally taking the failed elements of the 2016 film and completely remapping them. Since then, the final planned films in the formerly-titled DCEU such as The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have been rolling out with Gunn’s approval, while the filmmaker plans the long-term phases of his rebooted franchise.

Superman: Legacy

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The first James Gunn DCU film to be announced was Superman: Legacy, which is poised to adapt a beloved Superman comic storyline. With Gunn behind the wheel, many fans are excited to see how it comes out, as the filmmaker has yet to miss on comic book films for either Marvel or DC. However, the news that Gunn will helm multiple films within the franchise has caused some DC fans to wonder if his responsibilities at the studio will become fractured, taking time and focus away from the areas that need it most.

Gunn Could Take Attention Away From Other DC Filmmakers

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Furthermore, James Gunn’s fast-paced directing style may set an incredibly high watermark for DCU films which other directors could struggle to reach. If this is the case, it would cause audiences at large to flock to cinemas to see some DCU films and largely ignore others, creating a massive tonal imbalance for the franchise.

Creative Freedom = Chaos?

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To make matters worse, Gunn added an addendum to his initial Threads post, suggesting some ideas which come to him in the dead of night may be so compelling that he cannot help but write them into the fabric of the cinematic universe.

Wait And See

If this means James Gunn will be writing, directing, and overseeing most of the entire DCU, it may give fans pause. Gunn has done an excellent job showcasing his ability to stack multiple ongoing projects in the past, but navigating an entire franchise by himself would surely be too much for one man to bear, even for someone as talented as the former Marvel filmmaker. For now, there’s no telling what the DCU’s future will hold, though many of Gunn’s decisions have already been a major hit, showcasing his strategic understanding of the superhero genre at large.