See Daniela Melchior’s Shocking New Fast & Furious Look

The Suicide Squad star Daniela Melchior has jumped franchises to the Fast and Furious and we have a first look at her new character.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Daniela Melchior

Daniela Melchior is breaking into Hollywood in a very big way. After primarily starring in telenovelas in her native Portugal, the actor’s first American role was in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad reboot, which was one of the DCEU’s most acclaimed films (and the most-streamed one on HBO Max). Daniela Melchior is leaping from one enormous franchise right to the next, as she will be entering the Fast and Furious universe with the upcoming Fast X. Though details about the film and her role in it are still thin, we did get a first look at her shocking new look in Fast X. Check it out:

This image was posted on Daniela Melchior’s Instagram account and captioned “For the curious” (along with a pair of eyes) and repeated in Portuguese. The two pictures in the carousel show several large photographs of the Ratcatcher II actor; she is wearing distressed gray jeans, a dark brown leather belt, and a black crop-top. But more interesting, it appears her character has quite the tattoo collection.

The boldest and most visible of the henna tattoos that look like they are being applied to Daniela Melchior (as she probably does not need to get them for real, Lord of the Rings-style) is some kind of large, spiny insect that wraps completely around her upper right arm. It looks as though it’s likely some kind of centipede, though we can assume it’s probably something very deadly and symbolic for the film’s purposes. Daniela Melchior also has a rosary tattooed loosely around her left forearm and wrist, so we can assume her character is Catholic. Her right wrist appears to have some kind of dark, demonic face tattooed on it, which again, is probably some kind of symbolism. Finally, we can barely see in one photograph the indication of a lower back tattoo, but it is not quite visible enough to make out what it is. 

Daniel Melchior tagged makeup designer Amanda Knight Monger in the images, who most likely is responsible for completing the character’s look. From what we see here, it seems Melchior will be playing some dark, edgy character, or at least, what the Fast and Furious franchise thinks that looks like. The franchise has really been packing in additions to the ensemble lately, with Fast and Furious megafan Brie Larson and very large man Alan Ritchson also being cast in undisclosed roles. 

Fast X reportedly is already one of the most expensive film productions of all time, so the cost of Daniela Melchior’s fake tattoos is probably a very minor part of that. Getting Aquaman star Jason Momoa and new MCU entrant Charlize Theron to star as villains in the film (and replacing director Justin Lin) is undoubtedly much more expensive. Considering the franchise has to top sending Ludacris and Tyrese to space with the new movie, there are probably a whole lot more expenses than we can think of. Fast X is currently scheduled to be released in the United States on May 19, 2023.