See Vin Diesel Cozy Up With Brie Larson For Fast X

By Nathan Kamal | 3 weeks ago

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has long-established himself as the father figure of the Fast and Furious franchise, both in the movies and in the real world. He also likes to refer to as many people as possible as “family” in both the narrative of a gang stealing DVD players turned Corona-fuelled high-tech Illuminati and in actual life. As such, a new image posted on Vin Diesel’s Instagram shows Xander Cage himself in a paternal embrace with incoming Fast and Furious star Brie Larson. You can see the coziness here: 

This image of Vin Diesel and Brie Larson could either be from a candid moment on set, a carefully-constructed pseudo-candid image to show the enduring emotional bonds of co-workers who have contractual obligations to the same multi-billion dollar franchise, or even some moment from Fast X. We do not yet know what character Brie Larson will be playing in the tenth installment of the series (X, like ten, get it?), so it is entirely possible that the Captain Marvel star is playing some long-lost family member of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto. 

So far, Vin Diesel’s lead character has seen his girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) return from the grave as an amnesic bad guy (she got better), learned about the existence of a son he never knew he had, and fought and reconciled with his estranged brother (John Cena), who was definitely of the same ethnic background as him. What could Brie Larson be this time around? His long-lost niece, from a different, heretofore unmentioned Toretto sibling? John Cena’s character’s daughter? The late Paul Walker’s character Brian’s sister, come to join the gang? Any of these seem equally possible. It is also possible she will be just some random, incredibly-skilled person who meets up with the Fast and Furious family, but that seems less fun than her being unexpectedly related to Vin Diesel. 

Reportedly, Brie Larson is an enormous fan of the Fast and Furious franchise and heavily lobbied to join the cast of this next installment. It seems unlikely that Vin Diesel and other, lesser producers would have to think too hard about it; nabbing an Academy Award-winning Marvel Cinematic Universe star seems like it would be gimme. As the series goes on, each Fast and Furious movie seems determined to stuff its cast with as many ringers as possible. Ever since Fast Five, when Dwayne Johnson reinvigorated the franchise by being larger than Vin Diesel, the movies have increased their cast at an exponential pace. 

Fast X will be adding Brie Larson to Vin Diesel’s family (either for them, against them, or against them and then for them),  along with Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, and Jack Reacher himself, Alan Ritchson. There will of course be the requisite returning characters like Charlize Theron’s super-hacker Cipher, Michael Rooker as a grease monkey buddy of Vin Diesel’s dad, and Scott Eastwood as their not-Kurt Russell secret governmental contact. Fast X is currently scheduled to be released in the United States on May 19, 2023.